People’s response on Twitter after PM said he is busy to attend French President’s call


Prime Minister Imran Khan is the unconventional Prime Minister that this country and its people were longing for since past few decades. After Quaid e Azam, if there is one leader of Pakistan who gave hope to Pakistan and Pakistanis, then that would be Imran Khan.

Khan has been proving to be the right choice. With each coming day, Kaptaan does something that inspires people and let them have a sigh of relief that this time their choice was right. This time when the put the ballot paper in the ballot box, it was for the good. For change.

Right when he has announced the Elected Prime Minister, he delivered a speech to the general public which was amazing. People absolutely loved it. In this first speech when he announced that he will not be living in the PM house, nor will he use the protocol provided to the PM. Instead, he has set out a price on the cars to be given off in an auction and the money obtained will be included in the National treasure.

After this, he announced his agendas which were appreciated by everyone. Then came the plantation campaign. This dedication by the Prime Minister shows up every now and then. Today while having a meeting with some journalists, the PM was told that the French Government has called. Instead of halting the meeting, Imran Khan asked the officials to ask the French President to call 30 minutes later. This is his dedication to work.

However, it received mixed reactions from people on the social media. When some appreciated it, others had a different say on it.

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There were mixed reactions on Twitter

The news of Prime Minister turning down the call came and spread like wildfire

was confirmed by senior Anchorperson Hamid Mir on Twitter with this post

People began ridiculing Hamid Mir

People said this was just a fabricated news

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