Pakistani transgender launched her own clothing line. It’s high time we recognize them as equals.


Transgenders have always been mistreated by our society. According to me  Transgender discrimination is one of the biggest issue we are facing right now, which people don’t take seriously. We have been so biased towards them that they have to struggle even for their basic rights like education, job, equal pay etc.

The condition has become so unfortunate that we have come to celebrating little things, like they getting their ID cards issued, given rights to vote etc. Recent years in Pakistan can be considered as good for transgender community. we can see them marking their territory in different professions. Example: First transgender news anchor was seen on kohenoor channel, then coke studio has also included member of this community in their new season.

First Pakistan’s transgender fashion designer launches her clothing line:

Maya Zaman, a transgender fashion designer recently launched her own ready-to-wear clothing line. In a recent interview which she gave to the Express Tribune she mentioned all the struggles she had to go through just for being who she is. Not just the other people even her own family turned against her.

She was disowned by her family and she left her home when she was 17. She moved to Islamabad. Here, her biggest problem was of accommodation as she couldn’t stay in either boys or girls hostel. She was lucky enough to find a place to live among her own people.

While recalling her past she said, “The time I moved to Islamabad was a time of transition for me. It was a big challenge to find a suitable, a secure shelter for myself. You see, because I am a trans-woman, I wasn’t accepted in male or female hostels,”

Later she got admission in a private university. She had to stop her studies because of the people being horrible to her and ridiculing her for being a trans, the thing she had no control over.

Transgender issues in schools are really common as most of the children and even adults are not much educated on this topic. In most homes trans people are considered less of a human. They think it’s okay to make fun of them. As children learn from their elders they also grow up believing that it’s okay to treat transgenders as trash.

It’s really hard for me to understand that how people can be this inconsiderate towards the feeling of other humans. Before making fun of anyone please try and imagine yourself in their shoes. Imagine yourself going through the same pain and trauma. If you do this I am positive that the next time you will surely think twice before belittling anyone else.

Success can be achieved by hard work.

Zaman realized that she couldn’t let society discourage her. So after a gap of one and a half year she decided to continue her BBA studies. After getting her business degree she followed it up with a diploma in fashion designing. Here she met a housewife with the name Fouzia. Fouzia is now Zaman’s partner and together they had launched their clothing line ‘surkhabi’.

The main aim of ‘surkhabi” is to cater to women of all ages and sizes. They want to promote body positivity and to discourage the idea of body shaming.

Zaman said that the word ‘surkhabi’ represents the delicacy, elegance, freedom and uniqueness of the women of Pakistan. Her thoughts about fashion is  “Fashion is not about being perfect. It’s about having fun and loving yourself,”

The brand has also employed transgenders as graphic designers, photographers and for stitching. This is such an amazing steps which will help trans community to get proper jobs and earn their livings with dignity. Zaman said, “This is a moment of pride for the transgender community, which is proving that they will not be left behind,”

Transgenders and our society:

There are number of transgender issues in our society which we need to resolve. First and most importantly we need to accept transgenders as human beings and not something to be made fun of. If you think they want to live like this, my answer would be no, absolutely not. Why anyone would ever want to spend such a miserable life. No one ever chooses such life for themselves. It’s us who forced them to live a life of shame where they have to beg or dance to earn their living.If we would accept them as our equals, give them opportunities to study and learn different skills they would be able to earn a decent living.

Be nice to them. Teach your kids that they should be respected as much as any other person.Just keep in minds, transgenders are humans with real feelings and emotions. They do get hurt and broken hearted.

it’s on us to create an environment where transgenders feel safe and accepted.