Pakistan to send its first astronaut to space in 2022


LATEST NEWS: Pakistan government has planned to send the first human from its country to space in 2022 with the help of China as announced by Information Minister, Mr. Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday. India also plans to launch its manned space mission the same year.

Great news for the country!

The government of Pakistan has been taking a few quite important decisions lately. From planning to take a bailout loan from IMF to holding all the politicians accountable for their doings in the past by NAB, banning Careem and Uber in Karachi, too many other plans that had all of the Pakistanis watching on their TV screens ardently. And now, this super cool news that broke out only to make us all the happier and excited. A Pakistani will be traveling to space for the very first time. After US, Russia, and China, Pakistan and India too will launch their very first manned spaceflight mission in the year 2022.

Approved by PM Imran Khan

This is going to be the first mission of its kind where a Pakistani will be sent to space for research purpose. The space mission has been planned for the year 2022 and plans regarding this mission have been discussed at the federal Cabinet meeting which was chaired by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

PM Khan approved the space mission plan on Thursday in the same meeting which took place ahead of his maiden visit to Beijing from November 3. This approval came after the agreement between Pakistan Space and the Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) and a Chinese company has already been signed for this mission as reported by the information minister Fawad Chaudhry.

India will too take on the same spaceflight in 2022

However, the same for India came to the news on the Independence day of the country when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the mission of sending an Indian astronaut to space in 2022. In the same speech PM Modi said that with this mission, India will be the fourth country in the world to complete a mission of this nature.

In his addressing speech to his people, PM Modi also included that

” We have resolved that by 2022, when India celebrates 75 years of Independence or maybe even before that, certainly some of our young boys and girls will unfurl the Tricolour in space,”

Pakistan and China already have robust defense ties and Islamabad is one of the top buyers of Chinese military hardware.

At the start of the year 2018, Pakistan launched two of its ingeniously crafted satellites into the orbit and they did so while using a Chinese launch vehicle.

These two satellites were launched onboard a Chinese Long March that is (LM-2C) rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre, which is located at the Gobi desert of China.

One of these satellites that were launched, was a remote sensing satellite that is (PRSS1) – which is typically a dual purpose Earth observational and optical satellite.

However, the second test satellite that was launched with it was a PAK-TES-1A, developed by Space and Upper Atmospheric Research Commission (Suparco), Which was launched to enhance the satellite manufacture capabilities present in the country. This would then eventually help cut down the dependency of Pakistan on other commercial satellites for information related to the environment, weather and agriculture etc.

Both the satellites were first transported to China to be launched because Pakistan is not that much advanced in technology and unfortunately we are not well equipped with the infrastructure to launch objects to send on the space. As reported by an official to a local magazine. Had Pakistan self-sufficient in terms of having the right tools and infrastructure to launch its satellites, it would have been an even bigger accomplishment for the country and its research institutes.

However, this apace venture on part of Pakistan is going to be an exciting one. And we look forward to it and pray that this mission gets successful and Pakistan becomes the 4th country in the world to travel to space independently on a manned spaceflight mission.

The first manned space mission launched by China was back in 2003, due to which China became the third nation in the world to develop manned spaceflight independently following Russia and the United States of America.

The Pakistani Prime Minister Khan is taking a flight of his first visit to China on the 3rd of November, where he will attend several meetings with the Chinese President, Mr. Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, as reported by the Foreign Office.

The Prime Ministers of both the country are expected to review the entire range of bilateral relations which have enjoyed a relatively long history of mutual and beneficial trust and likewise mutual support. The Prime Ministers of both the sides will also sign several other agreements in different varying fields as confirmed by the Foreign Office statement added.

Prime Minister will be going to his first official visit to China after assuming office officially taking hold of the Prime Minister office back in August of this year.

This visit has a significance in the political scenario country and will be beneficial for both countries likewise. It signifies the closeness and the traditional warmth which characterizes Pakistan and China all-weather strategic cooperative partnership.

The spaceflight by the Pakistani astronaut in 2022 and everything related to it will be planned in the following years till 2022 when the official visit will be made. This is indeed going to be a major achievement by Pakistan and its space institutes. We hope this becomes a successful venture.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.