Pakistan received a ‘big’ financial aid from China


Latest News: Pakistan received a ‘big’ aid package from China as revealed by Prime Minister, Imran Khan earlier on Friday but has decided to reveal the quantum of the financial support as asked by the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Imran Khan made his first visit to Beijing, China, and met with the President and the Premier Li Keqiang and other Chinese leaders as well to seek financial aid for Pakistan.

When Imran Khan took the reigns of Pakistan’s government, the country was facing a major financial crisis out which there seemed to be no way out. However, the Prime Minister along with the Finance Minister Asad Umar and his team of economists analyzed the situation of the country and its economics to make better decisions about the country in order to save it out of the troubling water it was in.

In the midst of making other important plans for the country, Imran Khan’s government decided to seek for Financial support from its allies. The PM first met with the Saudi Arabian President who ensured to provide maximum assistance in Imran Khan’s efforts to stabilize the country’s economics. After his visit to Saudi Arabia, the PTI government went to get the IMF bailout package. And now, Prime Minister Imran Khan went to seek China’s help for his cash-strapped country.

The country is currently facing major financial and economic challenges and is having trouble avoiding a financial crisis and the economy floating at a substantial pace. While giving an interview with a local journalist at the PM house, Imran Khan confirmed that Pakistan has received a massive package of aid from China but the details will not be disclosed to the public. According to the Prime Minister, the details are kept secret because this amount is massive and if disclosed, other countries will also demand major financial aids from China. The decision on keeping the aid concealed is because of the President of China has asked Imran Khan to do so.

However, when Saudi Arabia helped Pakistan with an amount of 6 billion USD, the amount was disclosed with the world.

During the talks between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Imran Khan, the President said that China will provide all the necessary support that the country needs and will make sure that they do everything to help Pakistan to tide over the present financial crisis.

While speaking about his trip to China, OM Imran KHna said that “Concrete results of my visit are beginning to show. We are receiving all forms of aid from China and are satisfied.”

“No other previous premiers’ tours to China were as successful as mine was,” PM Khan claimed.

The government led by Imran Khan is currently in talking and negotiating terms on a bailout package with the International Monetary Fund and he is confident that the economic problems that Pakistan is going through will be resolved in by the year 2019.
Khan, whose government is currently negotiating a bailout package with the International Monetary Fund, appeared confident that Pakistan’s economy will overcome the current difficulties by next year.

“The next three to six months are difficult but from next year onward our economic situation is going to improve significantly and we will be on the right track,” he added.

He also commented on the current money laundering probe going on nationwide and including the foreign assets owned by the Pakistanis. Imran Khan said that ‘We have traced USD 15 billion that was sent to Dubai from Pakistan.”

He said, ‘Work is underway to bring back looted wealth,’ and also added “We have also signed agreements with Britain and Switzerland,”

In his interview, he also spoke about his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s decision to not give the chairmanship of Public Accounts Committee to the Leader of the Opposition, Shehbaz Sharif. While addressing this matter, PM Khan said, “We will not appoint Shehbaz Sharif as PAC chairperson under any circumstances,” he asserted.

By Faiza Ahsan

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