Freedom Of Press Or Freedom From Press? Pakistan Is One Of The Worst Countries For Journalists In RWB’s Latest News Report 2018

Latest news report
source: Techjuice

The organization that promotes press freedom around the world declared Pakistan as one of the worst countries for journalists in their latest news report.


Reports Without Borders (RWB, better known as RSF) is a non-profit organization. This organization promotes and defends the press freedom all over the world. They recently published a report in which they mentioned the names of the countries that are ‘worst’ to perform journalism. Sadly, Pakistan is among those countries.


The latest  news report by RSF concerns following aspects:


Being a journalism student myself, I’ve been taught certain ethics that one needs to follow and perform in order to remain loyal to this profession. But when it comes to Pakistan, those ethics become merely impossible to perform. Not because the journalist doesn’t want to but because of threats, physical abuse, government pressure, and political leverage that they have to face. And the problems mentioned above were set up as criteria of judgment in this latest news report as well.


Here’s how the report and ranking of the countries were constructed:

RWB Report 2018
source: Techjuice


The RSF’s World Press Freedom Index 2018 Report gives the scores to the countries ranging from 0 to 100 to highlight the level of abuse, underlying situation, and overall global score. Which means that The lower the score, the better is the place for journalist/journalism.

Moreover, Based on the score, the countries are categorized with a color on the world map. As such:

  • White for “Good”
  • Orange for “Fairly Good”
  • Red for “Bad”
  • Black for “Very Bad”


Pakistan’s position is ranking high in the latest news report and we aren’t happy about it:


Before showing you the result let me tell you that Pakistan has the exact same score in RWB’s 2017 Report. Which means that our country hasn’t improved or tried to improve slightest in a whole year!


Let that sink in.


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Pakistan at RWB latest news report
source: Techjuice

Without further ado, let’s come to the point. Out of 180 countries, Pakistan stands at the 139th position. And made up to the ‘red’, which means ‘bad’, on the world map. As far as the scores are concerned, Pakistan has got the Abuse Score of 49.70, Underlying Situation Score of 41.64, and Global Score of 43.24.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.