Our Top Three: Restaurants That Serve The Best Waffles In Karachi

The Waffle Cart
source: Dawn Images

The waffle craze in K-town is here and it won’t be leaving any time soon. So to build up more craze, here are the places you need to visit to have the best waffles in Karachi.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I open Facebook or Instagram, all I see is food pictures, food reviews, food suggestion and even food critics all over my newsfeed. But being a foodie myself, it isn’t a matter to complain upon! But the shocking part is that apart from having friends from all over Pakistan, all the food news comes from my own city – Karachi.

These restaurants are offering the best waffles in Karachi:

Other countries’ google searches might turn out to be versatile but if Google publishes Karachi’s searches then all you would see is, “The best pizza fries in Karachi”, “The biggest burger in Karachi”, “Where can I find nalli biryani in Karachi? Or “ The best waffles in Karachi”.

We aren’t google but we do keep the potential to answer your food-related questions in our food blogs. So let’s start with the waffles part.


  1. Waffle Witch:


The Waffle Witchsource: Dawn Images

The best comes first.

Like its name, this place serves spell-bounding waffles! Oh, those sweet pieces of heaven will melt in your mouth, leaving a storm of sweetness.

Located at Dolmen and Chota Bukhari, this place serves a large variety of waffles in such pocket-friendly prices.

Not to forget, there heavenly tasting toppings are just for Rs. 50.


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  1. Waffle Cart: 

    The Waffle Cart
    source: Dawn Images


Located in Seher commercial phase 7, Waffle Cart is the first waffle place in Karachi.

Their toppings are pure bliss, like Ferrero Rocher and Snickers are decadent crowd pleasers, and much more. Waffle Cart’s specialty, seasonal strawberries, and cream topped waffles are a must try.


  1. Heaven – The Waffle Bar 

    Heaven - The Waffle Bar
    source: Dawn Images


Even though this place is a little behind to other restaurants which are serving the best waffles in Karachi, but they have the potential to become a strong competitor in K-town.

Their waffles justify their name. They are HEAVEN!

Their exceptional Waffle chic is what makes them special and worthy of our list.

Waffle chick is made up of ingredients you won’t expect.

Hint: It has chicken

Head over to Bukhari commercial to taste their unique member in reasonable price.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.