These Two New Whatsapp Features Will Make You Love Whatsapp Group All Over Again

Whatsapp Groups
source: The Hindu

The widely-used chat-application keeps on updating and upgrading its application by introducing new and much-needed features. Whatsapp is back again with another set of new features which we were all waiting for.

New Whatsapp features will make your life easier on the application:

Like I said, apart from being the most widely-used messaging application, Whatsapp continues to introduce more and more features every now and then to assure more usage.

Previously the application introduces 5 amazing Whatsapp Features in its new update. These features were successful in making the platform a much handy and uncomplicated to use.

Yet again, the minds working on the application have introduced two new features that the users were impatiently waiting for.

Here are the two new Whatsapp features that will improve your time Whatsapp groups:

The Facebook-owned Whatsapp continuously brings new updates and features to the market, that are meant to improve users time on its platform.

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This time, Whatsapp introduced two new Whatsapp features that are specifically aimed to upgrade the chatting experience of users in Whatsapp groups.

So without further talk, let’s see what the new features can do:

1. “Dismiss As Admin” Feature:

Weren’t we all waiting for this feature??

In Whatsapp’s latest update, this new feature allows the group members to remove a particular person who’s the admin of the group.

But remember, only those members can remove a particular admin who themselves are administrators of the group.

This how the one of the new Whatsapp features works:

Whatsapp New Features
source: TechJuice
Whatsapp New Features
source: TechJuice


  • Open your WhatsApp app.
  • Go to the specific group you are the admin in,
  • Open group information button,
  • Now you can just long press on another the name of another Admin in the group,
  • A menu pops up with options and one of them will be “Dismiss as Admin”.

    This feature is being made available on WhatsApp’s latest version 2.18.41.

    2. “High Priority notifications” Feature:

    This feature will be applicable for WhatsApp groups especially, allowing a user to pin high-priority notifications to the top of a smartphone’s notification center.

    This feature was much-needed as people who are part of important groups like, office groups, can remain informed.

    This feature pinpoints important notifications on top.

    Here how you can use the second feature  of the new Whatsapp features:
Whatsapp New Features
source: TechJuice
  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Go to the specific group your admin in,
  • Open group information button,
  • Go to the notification settings on the group,

Tick for “use high priority notifications”, which will show previews at the top of the screen.

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