New Iphone and Apple watch design got leaked before official event


As September is drawing closer, everyone is anxiously waiting for new tech announcements by Apple as they usually hold event on 2nd of September. Three new phones are expected to be announced.

Apple has a very strong consumer base. Those who use and love Apple products will stick to them and will buy the new ones even the ones with minor updates, with enthusiasm. Hence Apple can never go wrong with announcing a new product. They are aware of the fact that there will be criticism but their consumers will try their hardest to be the first in the race of getting the new Apple product specially the iPhones.

The launch event will be held on September 12.

The event will be held on 12th September 10AM PDT. The invites are sent with ‘gather around’ theme. The image shows a Apple park design with gold which means that the new iPhone is expected to have this color.

The event is expected to introduce ‘S’ series which means that new devices will majorly include minor new changes instead of introducing completely new device.The upgrades are expected to be done in already existing iPhone X. Three new models are expected to be launched.

Leaked images and information.


9to5mac was the first one to get hold of leaked apple product images of new iPhones and apple watch.

  • New designs for Iphone:

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg already shared that new iPhones will have the design of already existing iPhone X. The leaked image kind of confirmed this information. According to the leaked image the new iPhones are expected to be called iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. Both with high end OLED display and the expected price is $899 and $999.

People are also expecting a third design iPhone with 6.1” LED display. Despite it having bigger display the phone looks like a replacement of iPhone 8 and is expected to be cheaper than the other two. In the leaked image there is no information about this phone but it is likely to follow the similar hardware design with many color options. This phone is expected to be called iPhone 9.

Last year Apple launched iPhone X in two colors that is white and matte black. But this time the leaked image shows golden color so maybe the rumors were true.

  • New design for Apple watch:

The leaked image shows a bigger screen for the new apple watch. No one was really enthusiastic about the red button on the cellular model of Apple watch. So for this year, in the image it looks like red button has been replaced by red ring around the crown which definitely looks more sleek.

A mike can also be seen for making calls. In the image the brand new watch face could be seen capable of showing way more information than the current screen on the watch.

With increase in prices Apple is kind of reaching a point where a limited number of people can afford the new Apple phones. The only countries where growth potential of iPhone is kind of same as earlier days, is China and India. But people of these countries are fond of iPhone for other reasons than the people of US. iPhone can be considered a complete package with storage and fast processor but in countries like Pakistan iPhone is more hyped for its looks rather than the internal features. With new S series it means that there will be internal improvements only.

What can be expected from new iPhones.

  • This year iPhone is expect to have new generation chip set with transistors having gap of only 7nm. Last year there were 10nm gaps. Less gaps means chip can work more efficiently and will require less power to work. This will result in more battery life. Congratulations people probably in future you won’t be carrying your iphone charger everywhere with you.
  • In all three models, a new processor is expected to be installed which will be called A12. This will improve battery life. Battery life is the main issue in iPhone in my opinion and the fact that you can’t charge it with any charger so you have to carry your charger everywhere is even more irritating.
  • Apple’s face recognition system ‘Apple id’ will be in all three models.
  • Battery optimizations will be there to prevent draining of battery when the phone is asleep.
  • One of the most important new change that is expected from new design is slots for two sims. Means dual sim support.
  • The models will have edge-to-edge display and will be available in different colors.

In the event of 12th September Apple is also expected to release an Apple Watch with a bigger screen, as well as revamped iPad Pro models that feature slimmer bezels.