Movies to binge watch while waiting for the election results on 25th July


So elections are almost here about just a day far. All the month-long pondering and discussions on who to vote and who to support are finally going to come to their resting phase soon in a day when the votes will be finally cast. Since 25th July is a holiday as well, we thought you might need a suggestion on how to avail of this day in an utmost way and have your fair share of chillings on this holiday. So for your help, we have created a whole list of picture-perfect movies you should totally engross in binge-watching once you are done voting and supporting your favorite candidate electing from your area. Oh and best of luck on that!

So before we begin we suggest you have a full lady time with your friends, plan on a movie night, grab some colas, get a huge bag of popcorns, switch off that cell phone while you wait for the election results and have an all-girls movie marathon with your favorite bunch of buds.

While you have all your preparations sorted, we have created this list of the female-led movies spanning genres from comedy to  Pull an all-nighter and happy binge watching!

Pitch Perfect


In case you are a major high school story fanatic and on the off chance, you grew up watching and totally loving and adoring the High School Musical series then at that point here is another melodic flick only for you! This melodic movie with a totally new storyline is certainly worth viewing and spending the time engrossing rather than chewing those nails off of your fingers waiting for the election results.

20 Feet from Stardom


This movie totally rotates around the epic tales of playback vocalists who convey congruity and life to motion pictures and add a meaning to them. Their voices are heard by the world, however, nobody knows them appropriately and their stories are anonymous. This story will give you a more profound understanding of the life of a playback singer and their struggles in life. We rate this 9/10 and totally recommend it.

Me before you


This motion picture has all the ingredients to let you experience a flow of happy tears. It will not be wrong to state every component of this movie, from the actors to their acting, the storyline, the dialogues, each and every part is as heartfelt and sincere as anything can be. The promotion of this motion picture was excessive like literally up above the skies and, yet trust me, the publicity was justified, despite all the trouble. Totally worth watching it.

Frances Ha


This film has enlivened and inspired to a great extent, an extraordinary number of HBO clients. It is about a young lady named Frances who lives with a companion yet needs to move out and begins searching for another condo. While at her venture to find a new condo, she ends up in a cascade of life encounters. Her story has such powers that it will keep you engrossed in the movie for as long as the election results are out. So this is the movie you should not keep off of your binge watch list.

Your sister’s sister


A superior, (or better to say thousand times better) romantic comedy than the typical ones that we see, this motion picture is a blend of mystery, lies, love, amusingness, family, and drama. The best thing that happened to this motion picture is Emily Blunt. Had it not been for her, this might not have comes as successful as it is now with Emily as the protagonist. Get this movie played on your laptop and wait for your favorite person to become the prime minister while at it.



No! We are not asking you to watch love stories on such an important day. Not at all. This movie is unlike all those crappy love stories which have all the cringe instilled in them. This movie is a bittersweet drama that has two of our favorite indies darlings in it. Riley Keough and Jenna Malone have done an incredibly amazing job and done great justice to their characters. Just play this movie and watch it know for yourself what we are talking about.

So this is basically the whole good way of passing all that boring time when you are done voting and waiting for the results to come out. Before we close this article about the best movies, let us notify you that your single vote matters. Do not waste it. Your single vote has a lot of power to make a difference, to make or shake the system in the country. So take a deep breath and vote for the one you think is the best or at least the one who you think is less likely to hurt the systems in the country.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.