Movie Review: Venom is as bad as everyone is saying it is!


The much-awaited movie Venom was out earlier this month and people have begun throwing in a mix of harsh and very few good comments it’s the way. To be honest, it was mostly negative comments, because of the weak script but the good ones were solely based on the performance of Hardy which, according to people, was what made them wait till the movie finished before they made their way out of the cinema hall. So to join the bandwagon, I too have put in my two cents on this movie which hit the silver spoon just a few days ago.

So the movie is revolving the story of Venom. A character of Marvel Comics which first appeared in Spider-Man 3 in 2007. That one thing that is an absolute advantage for adapting a pre-existing story or a character for the big screen is that the moviemakers know that a massive audience is waiting for it to release. But that also adds an extra responsibility of making it perfect so that the audiences do not get disappointed. The adaptation always has to be better than the original source to make it work and be loved and welcomed by the audiences.

So the problem with this movie is that the tone that this movie presents is not quite working well for the audiences, and the plotline seems to be unconvinceable. The movie is full of bizarre old-fashioned moments and computer-generated effects which when looked at, will make you feel as if you have time-traveled back to the late 90s. And the audiences are not quite ready for traveling.

Warning: Spoiler Alert ahoy!

The iconic character Venom is played by Tom Hardy who is actually an investigative journalist, Eddie Brock, who has his own TV show. The show that Brock does is dedicated to taking down the evil corporate powers around. So one fine day Brock is assigned to do a piece on the head of The Life Foundation Dr. Carlton Drake who is played by our very favorite Riz Ahmed. Carlton Drake is a tech tycoon who also happens to be a megalomaniac. To reach Drake, Eddie breaks into the computer of his girlfriend who works at a law firm that represents Drake’s foundation. He does so, to find shreds of evidence against Drake that he could use in the interview with Drake.

This works in a negative way for Eddie as his life falls out of order. His girlfriend Anne leaves him and he loses his job. After six months he meets with Dr. Dora Skirth who works for Drake and reveals that Drake has been trying to mix humans with a number of alien life forms called “symbiotes.” To know more about it Eddie investigates and gets infected by a symbiote that ultimately introduces itself to him as Venom.

With the performance that Tom Hardy presented, we say Brocks was amazing. After meeting with the Venom, Eddie Brocks transform into a supernatural being. The venom gives unreal strength, healing powers, and conveniently which take over Eddie’s hands and legs to help him in fights. While at other times, Venom just takes over entirely, that turns Eddie into a hulking, black-and-white monster with gnashing and a horrible set of teeth and a lousy penchant that devours people’s heads.

In the meanwhile, Venom is also eating Eddie from the inside out more like a parasite. One of Drake’s men Roland Treece (played by Scott Haze) is on the venture to capture symbiote. In reaction to this, Eddie, his ex-girlfriend, and her new boyfriend, all of them team up to find out what is happening with Eddie’s body and how can they get venom separated from his body before Drake could do anything to alter the entire humanity.

The best thing about the movie? Tom Hardy’s performance!

So the only good thing about the movie is that Tom Hardy has done an incredible job in the movie and has done justice to his character. But due to the lack of other things by the moviemakers. The movie and the efforts of Tom Hardy look like they have gone down the drain. The character might sound like it does not make any sense with the context of the movie but the performance surely does. On his venture to make Eddie Brock look like a nerd who likes self-doubting himself, he did a great job. Due to his performance and that of the others including the script, it looks like a one-man show that makes the audience focus more on this man than the story itself.

Our very important verdict!

To press it down and summarise the whole thing for you. We would say that this movie is only good for the fact that the iconic Venom has got a movie of its own. Unlike the last screen presence Venom made in Spiderman 3 where it was just a supporting character. That is all. And oh, Tom Hardy is also as fine as he could ever be. Other than this, the movie gets a fair 6 out of 10 ratings from us. (We are being lenient, to be honest). Also, in case you have already bought or reserved your tickets, we say, go and check it out yourself.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.