Microsoft’s designers to bring new changes!

Microsoft's designers to bring new changes!


Microsoft office is developing to bring some revolutionary steps, they are channeling some new updated techniques to their Windows as well. It was coming from their latest news report that the designers are soon to change there window’s icon. This overhaul will surely bring some news to the public. They have shown people a glimpse of a fine view of the inside and how the new structure is going to be.

It is well quite a show, people are being so up to new changes. The company’s designer leader Friedman is working on Office, Albert Shum on the windows whereas Ralf Groene is taking the surface on aside. When the team was called up for an interview, Friedman stated, it is pretty cool working with my mates and so we are working as a team, we are working together and that definitely makes us a team so we appreciate our working skills and progressive efforts that are being made together.

He said Microsoft has always been providing convincing technology reliance to its customers, clients, and users. It has been used as user-friendly software, windows are being developed so that with new icons it could look more attractive and worth using. While seeing and focusing on past year events, Microsoft has been windows focused on its designs and internal manuals, as their key focus point was to go majorly for Zune, Windows 8 though it had been metro design language from 2003 that was being used from past ages.

It was used for way long time and was successful but as compare to other software nowadays it should be updated somehow because technology needs to be changed. Technology always go with the flow, you can not let it happen, you have to make sure it’s worth using and should be fine enough for people to obtain usefulness from it. Windows has always been the key service provider to all the software tech systems so they have a whole montage of getting worth stressed for. They have to stay focused on their primary goal as secondary goals go with new stumbles and obstacles.

Metro design was very successful at its pace and when they brought the idea of a touchscreen it was the death of PCs and windows though people were not agreed to it. Windows had to cope up according to the trends building up so they came up with windows 10 which was a huge and massive attempt. It was a clever move to cover up some flaws and come up with new changes. After some successful years working with metro design, Microsoft launched fluent design which was also mission-focused for a user-friendly updated version of the software, fluent gained a good success. It worked well with windows 10 and collided well with other Microsoft surfaces.

It was going well but things were getting a little slow and Microsoft had to deal with some issues occurring as the technology was progressing, things were getting tough for them and they have to work out somehow so they launched software with new updated designs with fluent features as it was relevantly fluent’s version which worked well with windows 10 and their system. Microsoft has no access to mobile software after the death of windows phone.

Windows phones somehow couldn’t work as we saw their graph dying for windows phone life and they had no control over it. This time they wanted to work well with systems and this is the reason why they hired a team of skilled like actually very skilled new people with new creative ideas and innovative mindsets. The CEO of Microsoft windows on hiring the team stated they will bring back the position we hold. While Friedman said, it’s about placing new software to its places without hindering.

Friedman said they are looking for some great launches in upcoming events that will justify all the flaws and make a better and updated version of windows, office, and surface. People are very pumped to know what is coming next from them. Fluent and metro designs were hoped to new keys and there promising promotions and networking settings are aggrandizing people to jump up to the conclusion where people found the new launch worth using. The new Microsoft windows icon will be changed and will improvise it’s the logo as well. They wanted to show a little bit and will re-launch it from the company’s sight soon when it will be done.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.