Major Black Friday and Thanksgiving sale!


So now that you see people posting on Facebook and wishing each other Thanksgiving. We know you are clueless as to what is it and why everyone is talking about it. Well, Thanksgiving is a festival that is celebrated for the harvest of the whole year and make some awesomely tempting dishes and a turkey especially. All family members sit down together and thank God for his blessings.

Thanksgiving is considered a symbol of joy and happiness. While this year it was Friday on the occasion of thanksgiving and also it was called a Black Friday sale. Well, this is no ordinary sale, last year Walmart gained about $8 million on the sale of Black Friday. It was a huge success for them as they sell their products to approximately 2000 retailers. Other brands were also on celebrating Black Friday. Where they had a huge sale on their products and get a huge turnover.

As per the latest news even in Pakistan, all the major brands are giving major discounts on not just daily but also the entire week of Black Friday. Brands like Ethnic, Khaadi, e-commerce websites like, Yayvo, Telemart, etc all have Black Friday sale going on.

What is Black Friday you may ask? Well, Thanksgiving which comes on the fourth Thursday of December was on Thursday. As usual but it was a day before Black Friday sale which was a nice thing. Black Friday is a day that was created informally without any means but it was made for selling products at a low cost. And at the same time, others could sell it too in terms of considering it a Black Friday sale. Where every product or brand has a margin set in their things and they sell it for a low cost. So people mostly come and visit to buy things as per need.

Women are also considered as the most shopaholic ones but that is not true at all. Men also have their own persona where they do shop a lot on Black Friday. A fact about Black Friday is that it was created for early Christmas shopping kind of a thing but now it has been widely known and became a tradition from past decades. It’s celebrated after Thanksgiving and so this year it was a huge success and everybody had so much fun as who doesn’t love shopping.

Well, everything has drawbacks so in the early years when it was started actually. People used to go wild for it as they abruptly and obnoxiously shop. They grab others’ bags and fight for the same things. People clipped it and upload on their social accounts, seeing them would have made us laugh but it was not amusing actually. Beating others in public and fighting over one thing is not a cool move especially over such a silly thing. Despite controlling the hustle in public it creates an odd situation where injuries mostly happen and so people get hurt. What basically creates hustle is the low correspondent nature of people. The footage was leaked where the crowd was standing outside the mall or store from early morning and when it opened. Literally body was pushing pulling to get inside to the place to shop.

After all, it has been years after that, and people are now much more controlled and content after that so this kind of miseries has fewer chances to occur. People do it more calmly now as the security is much more attentive to it also.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.