List of Universities that provide online Education in Pakistan

List of Universities that provide online Education in Pakistan

1- Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP)

The Virtual University of Pakistan is the first of its kind in Pakistan that is provide online education. It is completely based on modern information and communication technologies. It was established by the government as a public sector university. This university provides higher education to aspiring students. Virtual University provides the best courses for students regardless of their locations. Pakistani students residing abroad are also enrolled in the university’s virtual program. There is no traveling and the fees are also comparatively lesser than the on-campus education

Since the Virtual University of Pakistan is a government university, its degree is recognized all over the country and abroad as well.

2- Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU)

Allama Iqbal Open University was established in 1974. The main objective of the university was to provide educational opportunities to the masses and to those who cannot attend classes physically due to other responsibilities, such as those who cannot leave their homes or the ones who are too busy with their jobs. Allama Iqbal Open University provides opportunities for females who are unable to attend university.

The university provides the best courses that involve scientific and technical education and also it has done great work in the field of Mass Education.

3- Preston University

Preston University is the first private university in Pakistan, which now has a large number of campuses across the country. The University has a team of professional academic instructors that provides the students with the best education. Preston University being a pioneer in the higher education sector in Pakistan has played an important in building up to higher education in Pakistan.

Preston University as established in 1984 since then it has been successful in providing knowledge to thousands of students.

4- Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU)

Bahauddin Zakariya University is one other university that offers online education to distant universities. This university offers many degree programs for students. The university has introduced new-age online learning platforms that provide many things such as courses, files user management systems, user grading system, and also user communication systems.

5- CASE- Centre of Advanced Studies in Engineering

CASE is one of the very renowned institutions of higher education in Pakistan. This institute is known to be the first institute to provide technical education program degree for the students who want to pursue their career in engineering, for working engineers so that they can pursue their higher studies along with their jobs either part-time or full time.

They offer a Master degree in many disciplines including:

  • Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Systems and Control Engineering

5- University of Engineering and Technology (UET)

University of Engineering and Technology is a recognized university in Pakistan. This University offers degrees in M.Sc. Applied Physics and M.Sc. Applied Mathematics. It provides a learning platform for long-distance students also. The University aims to provide education to the aspiring students across the country and to those in remote areas and also to the working students, who cannot spare time to attend classes and facilitates them in gaining higher education.

6- Comsats University

Comsats University is one other college in Pakistan that has begun online training for its undergraduates. Comsats University came into being in 2002. The University has its main campus in Islamabad. The online courses offered by Comsats BS in information technology, Diploma in Arts, Diploma in engineering subjects, Business administration and management, and Postgraduate programs in mathematics.

7- University of Peshawar

One of the most established and biggest college in Pakistan is the University of Peshawar. This University offers educational opportunities to students in long distance. The programs offered by the University of Peshawar are BS programs in computer sciences, Postgraduate programs, and Business administration.

8- Directorate of Distant Education city campus, Gomal University in Dera Ismail Khan

This is also one such university that provides long-distance education programs. The university’s main objective is to make higher education reach the areas where there is no reach. This university also opens doors to the drop-outs and to the ones who are denied admissions. It provides education at a very low cost. The University is providing quality education through virtual medium to a vast majority of students who are unable to get a high-quality education.

9- Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies (PIMS)

Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies (PIMS) established in 1997. PIMS is an institute that consists of quality management, professional staff. PIMS is providing quality educational services in the remote areas of the country by setting up community-based training centers in information technology, which helps to bring needed socio-economic changes. This organization provides education to the underprivileged also.

10- Aga Khan University

Aga Khan University is one of the most renowned universities in the country. It established in 1983. Aga Khan University has been educating young men and women and making a difference by providing quality education to aspiring students who are willing to bring a change in society. This University provides long-distance education to students and facilitates them with higher education.

By Faiza Ahsan

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