Latest News From AI: Government Allocated 1.1 Billion For The Artificial Intelligence Project

source: Televisual

Here’s the latest news for the technology-driven people in Pakistan:

The latest news has it that the Government of Pakistan has recently announced a budget of Rs 1.1 billion for the period of three years to start a project on Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence or commonly known as AI has managed to step its foot strongly in the developed countries.

Whether its technology, health or any other sector of life, Artificial intelligence is being used in its best form.

Here’s are the details about this latest news:

Some of the top universities in Pakistan are propelling in the field if AI. Therefore, the governmental AI project will be carried out under the supervision of Higher Education Commision (HEC). And for that HEC shortlisted six public sector universities to set up nine labs to carry out research in the field of IA.

Total 19 universities from public and private sectors have applied after the announcement of this project by HEC. After examining all the nine universities, HEC shortlisted six public sector universities.

These universities were selected on the basis of equipment and faculty.

The latest news is an initiative by the Government of Pakistan, which will benefit the country:

Apart from having tech-loving youths in the country, Pakistan is lagging behind in the field of technology and Artificial Intelligence. In order to step up a little, the latest news regarding government’s budget allocation for the field of AI will prove to be beneficiary.  

Dr. Yasir Ayaz who has been appointed as head of this AI project by HEC believes that the government has taken the right initiative.

Dr. Yasir Ayaz from National University of Science and Technology (NUST) says that:

This is an era of fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) but Pakistan is still living in the second industrial revolution (Industry 2.0) era. We were lagging far behind the rest of the world as the developed countries have started using artificial intelligence to maximize the production of the industrial sector. The use of robotics in the warfare is becoming a routine matter whereas artificial intelligence is being used by the modern world for surveillance purpose”.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.