It was not pleasant meeting the JIT team: Nawaz Sharif

It was not pleasant meeting the JIT team: Nawaz Sharif

According to the latest news all over the media the former Prime minister Nawaz Sharif will soon be meeting the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) as they will be disclosing a few old recked cases and charges on him. Later this week they set off the meeting as Nawaz Sharif was called to the Supreme Court. Nawaz Sharif has his pretty dominating roles in the earlier years of his government. He had some serious charges on his collars, he was majorly asked about the piece of land in Pakpattan. He had his government all set in Lahore, he is the Prime minister of Punjab, had ordered the illegal allotment of the land in Pakpattan. He was basically charged for the illegal allotment of the huge area of Auqaf land in Pakpattan, to Dewan Ghulam Qutab. The land was already someone else’s property so it should not be given to any other private owner, it was a complete violation of the high court’s order. Going against the law can cause you trouble and being the Prime minister and then breaking laws this frequently and cause you a bundle of trouble according to the Chief Justice Pakistan.

In further discussion, the Chief Justice added that Nawaz Sharif was being called a couple of times before to come and settle down or at least discuss the position of this case but he showed a lack of interest so if he’s here it is due to his blackness. The Chief Justice asked him about what actually happened when the notification was passed that the Auqaf land is not for sale and the law permit was passed in 1969 then what makes him turn the table. It was cleared that Nawaz Sharif was terribly stocked between the case circumstances and he cannot run from the situation right now. After listening to the Chief Justice’s claims Nawaz Sharif replied, that the matter is too old to remember and as far as in my acknowledgment I really don’t remember actually what happened to the land and who sold it though it was not my intention to violate Supreme Court’s orders. He fully tried to clean his collars by saying he didn’t remember any information regarding this case and just to clear out the situation he said he was not even involved in any of these attempts.

The Chief Justice continued by saying that this illegal act of selling Auqaf land’s property to the private ownership was not a fair job to do and this act happened when he was ruling the government so somehow he is responsible and if he wants to get out of these charges he has to get rid of such claims by proving him innocent in all manners. Nawaz Sharif said it could be true that the case of illegal allotment happened in his government but he is not involved and somehow he can think of his secretary being involved in it. The Chief Justice cleared to Nawaz Sharif’s secretary Jawed Bokhari issued the papers of the property and that is how they got an eye on this 32-year-old incident. This misleading and court’s violating act has been into terms that Auqaf land should be sold to any of public or private owners so why this mishap happened while Nawaz Sharif was in ministry. His being into the ministry he should have taken some major care of lawsuits and acts but his lack of attention showed such misery. Nawaz Sharif said he is not involved in such activities and so in this high court’s violation of orders. He said he had no acknowledgment regarding such an issue being happened. The Chief Justice added if Nawaz Sharif is out of such activity and if he is not involved in this act then he will be absolved from this matter of Auqaf land. The Chief Justice ordered let’s add the Joint Investigation Team JITs into the matter so they’ll resolve it way better but Nawaz Sharif was against it as he mentioned he had issues with JITs and he will no longer face them. He asked Nawaz Sharif to look upon his own and explain which Investigation team he would like to work with and let them know then.

The Chief Justice later added that the same scenario was seen in Attaul Haq Qasmi’s case where he was proved wrong when his secretary was found guilty and he turned the tables off to his face. So what explanation they should expect this time. Nawaz Sharif replied he’s is really moved and astonished pretty well, aren’t you all astonished he asked?. The Chief Justice said if the private owners do really own the property they will definitely be having the actual property papers and documentation that can really prove them if the land really belongs to Dewans or not. If it is really Dewan’s belonging than the court will no longer be disturbing Mr. Sharif for this issue and if not than Nawaz Sharif has to go through a bunch of trouble this time because violating the court’s order and manipulating law acts are not acceptable.


By Faiza Ahsan

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