Is Karachi ready for a big round of Monsoon rainfall?


Karachi and other cities of Sindh have always been deprived of rain. The clouds of this part of Pakistan seem to be pretty much ineffective when it comes to producing rainfall. This has affected the city a dits residents on so many major ways. For a long time, the city has been facing a major water deprivation scenario and there seems to be no way to sort this issue. The water crisis and water deprivation have made the Karachites literally pray day in and day out for rain or even a little drizzle. With strong temperature and the wave of heat in the air of Karachi, rain has to be the only solution to make the atmosphere pleasant, weather better and the Karachites feel a little relieved. Everywhere in headlines today you will see that other cities are pouring down while Karachi is deprived. But the point of major concern is that when all the prayers are heard and finally Karachi is blessed with the drops of blissful rain, a number of disasters unfold the bad system of sewerage and electricity in Karachi. The real question is,  Is the city ready for rain and its consequences?

Rain brings along a plethora of drainage issues, casualties, road accidents, water contamination, urban flooding, gridlocks, electrical breakdowns and other relating issues. This has not only been the result of a number of casualties but has also resulted in hurting and deforming the city’s infrastructure as well. Just as the rain begins the drop, the first thing that is going to happen is that your light is going to switch off due to power shortage. It has always been ‘one thing over the other’ kind of situation when it came to rain in Karachi. It is either the rain that the city gets to enjoy or the electricity. Unfortunately, you can not have both in the city of Karachi. If it is raining and the electricity supply does not drop, then you are not in Karachi. It is meant to happen, irrespective of all the promises pledge by the officials. And all the promises swore by the government. It is meant to crash down. It is just one of the issues that ensure its existence after and while it rains in Karachi.

Another major problem in the city of Karachi during rain is the drainage issue. Whenever it rains in the city Karachiites have to face another problem that is the drainage. Due to already present garbage in the major drains, in fact, all the drains the water has no place to exit from and floods in the city, in actual fact the water sometimes also enters the houses of the individuals. It becomes a hazard for the people and makes there lives miserable and unbearable. Due to the poor drainage system, the water stays on the roads and it becomes difficult for the motorcyclists because there are more chances of slipping. This has also caused deaths in the country last year. In every nook and corner, several incidents occur causing casualties.

Although according to the weather forecasters the monsoon rains are just around the corner and Karachi is in anytime going to experience it’s seasons first rain, still the municipality has not been considerate enough to look into this matter and clean the garbage from the drains so that once it rains the rainwater has a way to exit and the city’s law and order system is not disrupted.


The latest breaking news is that the chief metrologist has given the good news to the people of Karachi that Karachi and other parts of Sindh are going to be blessed with rain as soon as this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. A giant system of monsoon clouds is expected to enter the airspace of Karachi by tonight which is going to make it rain heavily in the city for a few days along with other nearing cities of the province.

It’s about time and in fact, it is high time that the authorities look into this matter deeply and do not wait to fix the problems when we are knee deep stuck in them, but rather think of and imply preventive measures already before the damage is done. It’s about time we educate our fellow Karachites how each and every individual can play his or her part in bringing a change in the aftermath of the rains in Karachi and let everyone enjoy a good time while the rain befalls. It’s about time that Karachi too sees and enjoy the same amount thrill, excitement, and enjoyment as its established and better counterparts in Punjab like Lahore and specifically Islamabad.

Now, all we wish at this point in time is to be able to enjoy good rain in Karachi soon which does not jeopardize either harm the city in any way. May all this monsoon raining system bring is a good amount of rain, peace, prosperity, blessings, and enjoyment.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.