Instagram ‘ask me a question’ feature – Hit or miss?


Almost every day we see different ads for new social media apps with the advancement of technology. These apps provide us with divergent features, with each app being different from the other. The cater different needs or wants of people. Some help us in academics, some give us creativity, some helps us in becoming healthy and lot’s more. In today’s time you don’t need to step out of the house to buy clothes, groceries everything is just a click away and you’ll have it on your doorstep. If you are too lazy to go to the gym you don’t need to because there are apps for you that help you in maintaining your health. Or you don’t feel like going to the bank to take out some cash you literally don’t have to because there are apps for that too. These apps are very user-friendly. Albeit some of them end up being crappy and pointless. There are applications that fill no particular need and are only a waste of time. But the rest are loved by the audiences and are fulfilling their needs.
There are some applications that are running effectively and has the consideration of a great many users from around the globe. They have been running successfully for a long time period and has grabbed much attention. Some of them are the Facebook app, Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram. Instagram is one of these social media giants that has kept the world busy using it. Instagram is a photo and video sharing application which is owned by Facebook. When it first came, it gradually gained a number of users due to its unique concept of connecting people through pictures. Initially, Instagram was all about photo sharing and sharing of life moments through pictures. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram did not have any medium to communicate through messages as it was solely based on the concept of photo sharing, this was indeed a striking point for the application. And this concept had the power to make people attracted to this unique new application.

This was a major competitive edge for Instagram against its competitors and soon other apps too started cheating it. Once Instagram was in the race and became one of the most liked and used social media application, it started making updates in its system.

It began by adding a private message feature in the system which lets people send messages to each other. This feature was liked and appreciated by all since the users needed a way to contact each other within the app. The comment section did not serve enough for the users and a proper way to message was appreciated. After this feature, Instagram got another update in its systems. It cheated Snapchat and added a ‘story’ feature in which the users can put a picture on a timer of 24 hours just like Snapchat. This was not a smart move by Instagram as many complained that Instagram looked more like Snapchat. (Instagram was not the only one to copy snap chat, Facebook and Whatsapp too were major ‘story’ fans).

Long after this update, Instagram changed its main explore page which was very difficult for some users at first. Also, the fact that you can not refresh you explore page for more than two times now,  has become equally annoying.

Just when the I app was done cheating Snapchat, it felt the urge to follow one more application and lose its uniqueness by adding a ‘live’ feature to its system. This was apparently cheated from Facebook.

All of this additions made Instagram look very identical to Snapchat and Facebook and a mixture came out in the midst of all cheating. As if this was not enough, the famous social media giant has now added a ‘ask me a question’ feature. So what is this feature all about? In case you do not know what it is all about and you if have been living under a rock, then let us break this to you: Instagram has added cringe to the app. You remember the polls and questions that you can ask on your story? well, this is just the second part. Now on Instagram, you can make people ask you anything that they want by adding it to your story.


The problem is not with this new minute feature. The problem is with all those people who made it annoying and cringy by literally putting this on their story every single day since it first came. we do not want all those 20 posts stories that are full of this annoying question and relating answers.  Judging by the attempts of all the people from celebrities to athletes, it is definitely a hit but if you ask me personally, then I label it as a miss-use!!

Irrespective of my opinion, this feature is a smart move by Instagram to keep people engrossed in ask questions and waiting for a response to it. Though it can be annoying to some, as a whole, it is a good feature to make people consumed by using Instagram.



By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.