Infinity War Is All Set To Break The First Star War Movie Record

Infinity War

The latest star-packed Avengers movie, Infinity War,  is all set to create another box-office record for its grand opening weekend.

The film is set to break the record of first-star wars film, The Force Awakens opening record.

The Infinity Wars VS The Force Awakens: Here’s what the Box office predictions have to say:

Disney’s latest alarmingly star-packed Avengers entry is soon to swap the box-office with $250 million, domestically.

This would put the first-star wars film to second.

The Force Awakens opening weekend brought in $247.9 million domestically, according to Box Office Mojo, which now also estimates that Infinity War will bring in around $250 million in addition to $380 million internationally.

Infinity War  hit $105.9 million in its opening day:

Friday seemed more like *FriYAY* for the maker’s of  Infinity War, as the filmed earned $105.9 million in its opening day on Friday.

Which is very close to what The Force Awakens had set at its opening time.

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After the number talks here’s a little about the movie itself:

Before informing you a little about the movie (if you haven’t seen it) let’s just say that the figures are doing justice with this Marvel movie.

If you’re a Marvel movie fan, this movie will surely affect your heart and mind and maybe your lifestyle, for a little time.

The Marvel studios are famous to bring long-timing movies which turn out to be the madly loved movie in theaters.

Directed by  Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed the last two “Captain America” movies, The Infinity War, is one star-packed Avengers movie you need to watch.

By Maira Feroz

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