KArTARPUR: Imran Khan announces to open the historical border for the Sikh community from worldwide.

According to the latest news report Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed in Kartarpur, he announced to open the historical border for all Sikhs worldwide. He is channelizing the thought of Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims can get along in one platform without bothering or hustling each other’s way. Imran Khan put the idea forward that his step to open borders for all Sikhs is like him moving forward for the ultimate friendship to the minorities living in the country. He proved that people in Pakistan have big hearts, they will reciprocate as they initiated in making this happen.

Mr. Imran Khan led the assembly on Wednesday where he announced to open the border for the Sikh community. This decision by PM Khan was appreciated within the country as well as by many Sikhs from across the world as well. This showed the world that Pakistan is all in favor of peace and wants to make good terms with the minorities living inside its boundaries. Sikhs were very touched with our Prime Minister’s humble heartedness. Later the Delhi news-times shared the news that it will be a border for Sikhs who are in minority in Pakistan and that it is indeed very much appreciable.

The Kartarpur border is soon to be opened on the 550th birth anniversary of the Sikh Guru on 23 November 2019. It was further stated that it will provide around a year visa for Sikhs to visit their holy pilgrimage.

Imran Khan Addressed:

Inclusive to this announcement, PM Khan addressed the relationship between Pakistan and India as well saying that Pakistan being an atomic power country can take a lot of risky steps but Pakistan was never in the favor of war or land destruction. He mentioned if France and Germany can leave their grudges and stay in a good relationship then why not Pakistan and India as they both were the same land years ago. Hindus and Muslims have fought their battles altogether by uniting their values, aims, and culture. Sikhs were really touched with Imran Khan’s big step. Imran Khan assured the Sikh community that they will find their holy place fully developed with a complexly developed surrounding before their 550th birth anniversary. He mentioned it will be restructured as per the comfort of the Sikh community.

This fence crossing which has been labeled as the ‘Corridor of peace’ will connect the Indian border city called Dera Baba Nanak to the Pakistani city Gurdwara Darbar Sahib which is the final resting place of Guru Nanak (the founder of Sikhism) in Punjab.

The idea of opening these borders has been moving into minds from the early 1980s but due to the nuclear power neighbors and the tactic relationship between India and Pakistan, this decision only faced a delay in execution. It should have been done way earlier as the Sikh community is also a part of Indian society. Pakistan’s army chief, Qamar Javed Bajwa told Navjot Singh Sidhu (also a Sikh) when he was here for Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony that Pakistan’s capital Islamabad is willing to open gates for Sikhs to visit their holy pilgrimage in Kartarpur. Qamar Javed Bajwa was also present at the ceremony where Imran Khan announced to open borders for Kartarpur. He was also there with the Indian press media, devotees, and ministerial-level delegation as a representative of Mr. Narendra Modi, who was certainly delighted on behalf of his nation.

The Indian media quoted that when Pakistan will stop terror attacks in India they will further think of it but the Hyderabad side of reporters stood beside Pakistan’s big-heartedness and their warm welcome. They knew it’s very warming from Pakistan to welcoming them on opening borders for the Sikh minority.

Later in his speech, Prime Minister Imran Khan put a great emphasis on the relationship of Pakistan with the neighboring country and said that both the countries have made major mistakes in the past and that they need to work together in order to improve the ties between the two nations.

However, a ground-breaking ceremony took place on the other side of the border as well, which was performed by the Indian Vice President Venkaiah Naidu just two kilometers from the Pakistani border. And the Indian Minister of External Affairs has recorded her expectations that this corridor can lead the revival of official talks between India and Pakistan.

By Faiza Ahsan

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