How to Use CBD Oil and Other CBD Infused Products


What is CBD Oil?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the primary phytocannabinoids that comprises strains of the Cannabis sativa plant. No worries: though it’s often confused with THC, CBD itself has no intoxicating or addictive properties.

Rather, CBD is usually consumed to provide emotional, mental, and physical health benefits. Over the past few years, research has suggested that CBD can bolster a huge variety of positive health impacts.

Whether its chronic pain, psoriasis, or generalized anxiety, many have turned to CBD to cope with their conditions while avoiding nasty prescription medication side effects. Studies have suggested that over 80 percent of those who’ve used CBD at least once reported a moderate improvement in their mental or physical health condition.

CBD Oil is a specific form of cannabidiol. Highly concentrated and viscous, oil is typically sold in amber-resin dropper bottles. Many users prefer CBD oils because they’re versatile enough to be orally taken or mixed into food.

Different Ways to Use CBD Oil

If you’ve finally got your hands on CBD oil, you’re probably wondering exactly how you should take it. Luckily, there are a huge variety of ways to properly use CBD Oil and retain the compound’s active effects!

Determining the Proper Dosage

Though it can seem tricky, dosing CBD is super easy as long as you know the concentration of your bottle, your weight, and the severity of the condition you’re treating.

One rule of thumb is to take 1 to 6 mg of CBD per every ten pounds of body weight. However, many first time users are easily affected at first and should start off with less than they think they need.

You may need to figure out how much CBD is in each dropper full. Most droppers only hold 1 ml of content. You can determine the total amount of CBD in the bottle by the number of milligrams in the bottle, which should give you the milligrams of CBD per dropper full.


Take CBD Oil Orally

The most basic way to take CBD is to consume it directly from the dropper. You simply need to fill the dropper and drop the oil directly under your tongue.

Also known as sublingual dosage, taking CBD under the tongue allows a vast number of glands to absorb the compound directly into the body. Make sure to continuously hold the dose in your mouth for thirty to ninety seconds, which is the time it takes the CBD to diffuse through the tissues and penetrate the bloodstream.

By far, sublingual dosing is the quickest and most effective way to take CBD aside from vaping. Within twenty minutes, most users report noticeable effects that range from relaxation to sleepiness, focus, and decreased physical pain.

Vape the CBD Oil

Before you consider this option, you should be aware that not all CBD oils are vapable. You’ll need to specifically purchase CBD Vape Juice through an authorized retailer. Make sure you purchase your vape juice through a vendor you trust. Recently there have been a number of vape related injuries and sickness associated with illicit vape products.

Essentially, vaping CBD oil is the same process as vaping nicotine. You’ll simply need to drop the juice into a vape pen tank, prime the coil, allowing for the device to saturate for ten minutes, and then start puffing. The mental and physical effects should be nearly instantaneous, so make sure to go slow at first to see how you feel.

Make CBD Infused Tea and Coffee

CBD teas and coffees have become increasingly popular over the past five years. Nowadays, there’s a growing availability of herbal, green, and black CBD-infused teas. Many users prefer teas since they are tasty and offer all the benefits of a normal brew: increased energy, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and mood-boosting effects.

It’s best to make sure that your CBD oil is water-soluble, meaning that the dose will be able to effectively mix with the tea and be processed by your digestive system.

Here’s one of the most common CBD infused tea recipes:


  • One tea bag of your choice
  • Tablespoon of honey (or to taste)
  • Lemon slice
  • Splash of cream
  • Boiling water


  1. In your favorite mug, add the teabag and honey
  2. Drop-in your dose of CBD
  3. Add hot water and squeeze of lemon
  4. Stir and enjoy it!

In addition to tea, many prefer CBD infused coffee for an extra energy boost. Simply add your dose of CBD to a pre-brewed cup of coffee, stir well, and sip. CBD infused coffee has the benefit of combating any of the potentially drowsiness-inducing effects of cannabidiol.