How to Grow Your Business on a Small Budget


In today’s world, almost everyone wants to become an entrepreneur and run their own business setup. The reasoning behind this wish is not hard to understand. What with the inflationary trends that dominate every major world market. Along with the high costs of living which don’t even leave the very wealthy 1% fully unscathed. Recently, I was cataloging the newest startups to emerge from the Chicago Bay area on my Spectrum Internet plan. And I couldn’t help but notice the number of settled business professionals who had chosen to hop onto the bandwagon.

Financial insecurity, of course, was at the root of this issue. And in America, the economic situation is not expected to get much better anytime soon. Not for the average citizen on the street, or the small ‘mom & pop’ stores on every street corner.

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Taking (and Relating) Lessons from My Own Business Journey

I started out on my own entrepreneurial journey almost two decades ago. This was the time when the internet was just taking off in the commercial sphere.

As such, I am proud to admit that I was one of the pioneering few businessmen who decided to start with a brand website first. And it was lucky that I did, because today, most of my company’s customers connect with our retailers through this route.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone today has the time, or the luxury at hand, to prowl around the mall. Not when there is work to be done, and monthly bills to be paid. As well as other everyday expenses to take care of.

Right at the outset, I was lucky to have studied under a very knowledgeable business school mentor. This individual, throughout my acquaintanceship with him, instilled several values in me. Principles of ‘business best practices’, which are not only very apt in a practical sense; but also help to generate a lot of goodwill. And since decent business connections make the world of companies go round, you can’t understate this fact. In its importance.

Having a Working Business Model in Place

To realize your business idea within concrete reality, you first need a practical business model in place. You can take inspiration from an already established company for this. Or devise one from scratch. When going through this step, it is important to get one thing right. And this is to ensure that every part of the blueprint proceeds logically onwards.

You can’t start a company without having some (or a lot of) cash at hand. How else would you buy the capital equipment needed to manufacture your products? Or the tools needed to provide the services that you may be offering?

Similarly, you need a handful of skilled employees to get the work started. Because unless you’re working in a fully home-based setup, you can’t manage everything yourself. And when your company eventually does scale, you need competent people on deck.

Taking Help from Organic Marketing Techniques

‘Organic’ Marketing, very simply put, is any method that allows you to promote your brand products & services for free. Because of its little involvement of currency, its attraction for businesses is obvious.

Some of the common methods of organic promotions include using:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Postings

SEO is basically a skills-based, long-term commitment, and so you may have to spend some money to get expert techs on board. Considering that you’re not adept in the practice yourself. In which case you get to make huge savings by default.

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Getting It Easy – with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, in contrast, is easy and straightforward.

All you need to become an expert at it is a free business account on a social media platform of choice. In this sense, Facebook and Instagram are some of the more obvious options.

Facebook, in particular, has many ‘open’ forums and groups where anyone can post brand advertisements for free.

For this tactic to succeed, it is important to keep your ads on point. And appealing enough (text and graphics-wise) to lure in potential customers.

I’ve personally had a lot of success in following the organic route. Most of my current company adverts, in fact, get published online in this way. And they continue to make impressive returns on their investment in time.

Which, to be honest, is not a bad bargain!

For my own business setup, I always keep a Spectrum bundles handy. Because on many occasions, I need to make some instant decisions. Based on some new market development, or even government taxation. And when it comes to promoting my business online, the package is hard to beat!