How To Choose The Right Bed Styles For You

Bed Styles

The bed styles you choose defines the overall look of your bedroom and affects your sleep and comfort. So, it is very important that you select the right kind of bed as it is one place of retreat that is permanent in your life.

Let’s take a look at some of the beds commonly used.

Basic Bed With Headboard And Frame

This is the most common and basic option. It comes in two parts with a headboard and a frame at any price. It can be mounted to the wall, fitted to the frame or just stands on its own.

Headboard and Side Rails

This is another common type of bed. The headboard takes to the center whilst simple rails complete the other three sides. The bed does not have a footboard. It is often paired with an upholstered headboard and matching rails. Bed toppers such as quilt covers, coverlets or blankets go well with these types of beds.

Headboard and Footboard

The bed consists of a headboard and a footboard of which the headboard is usually taller.  These beds are made out of steel and wood and are storage-friendly as you can place drawers underneath or store books within the headboard. When it comes to accessories a throw blanket will go well with it.


The four-poster bed is one of the oldest designs of beds and dates back to as long as the 16th century. The name is derived from its decorative posts that stand in each of the corners. These beds include headboards but no footboards.


The canopy is very similar to a four-poster bed. It has the same four posts with cross beams that are connected at the top. A canopy of fabric is fitted into these beams which can be closed or pulled open. Canopy beds are grandiose and take maximum floor space. So make sure your ceilings are really high.


A platform bed is an old design where the bed is kept lower to the ground. It has a headboard but not a footboard. These beds are usually made of rich woods. And can bring in elegance with the right kind of bedding.


The shape of the headboard is placed similarly to a distinctive arch giving the bed its name. The footboard has the same arch. It’s an old-style and not in use as it takes significant space. A sleigh has been replaced with a headboard with side rails.


This is a multifunctional bed that converts into a sofa or the other way around. Throw in a few pillows to give it a good daytime look. Some options come in with a pullout trundle, which provides additional space. This is an ideal option for people with limited space.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds are a childhood favorite and ideal for saving space. It can be decorated to suit any thematic design. There are different varieties of bunk beds. Standard: these are the two stacked beds.Loft: This is a raised bed with a working space underneath. Futon: a lofted bed with a futon under. Trundle: standard bunk bed but with a pullout trundle.