How Do You Make An Old Car Look New?

Car look

If you’re a car owner, you want your vehicle to look as new as possible. If it’s really old, you may think this is impossible. Thankfully, it’s not as there are countless ways you can do this.

You may want to achieve this as you’re looking to sell the car for more than what it’s worth. Luckily for you, you don’t have to look far as there is a myriad of articles that can help with this- This is exactly what we’ll be doing today. So, read ahead to learn more.


Waxing the best way to make your car look new. What’s best about waxing is, it’s something that’s very cheap and you can buy the wax from anywhere.

You should apply a coat of it whenever you finish washing your car, which should be often. By applying the coat and wiping it across, you create a marvelous glow.

The layer also acts as a barrier. The barrier is preventive- it doesn’t allow dirt, water or muck to get on the car’s true exterior.


Other than waxing your car, you should think about detailing it every now and then. No, detailing isn’t the regular washes. It’s when you thoroughly clean the vehicle, inside and out. To do so, there is the equipment you may need.

You can buy them in a kit online. If not for this, you can give the car to an auto shop to get this service done.

Upgrade Its Parts

As the car is old, its parts show its wear. To ensure it’s as good looking as possible, you need to swap out parts for others.

This doesn’t mean you should change up the whole vehicle. Instead, just its tires, headlights- basically anything that’s visible to the eye.

By improving its specs, not only do you make it look new, but you’re also skyrocketing the price of the car. This is a bargain since you can get auto parts online for very cheap.

A Paint Job

To get the car looking very new, you’ll get it’s exterior repainted. The paint of the car may be chipped and as it’s been driven around often, the color may have faded as well.

You don’t want to drive around in such a vehicle. Thankfully, you have a range of colors to choose from. You should choose them carefully as they will affect how new the car looks.

Most of the time, people go for a red coat as it’s exciting.

If you’re afraid of investing in a new paint job, you can get something wrapped onto the surface. Essentially, it’s a temporary coat of whatever you want.

Redo Your Seats

The seats are probably faded as well. They may also have tiny holes in them. You can fix this by getting them reupholstered.

This will transform the seats into ones that look very new. This not only elevates the interior but makes it feel premium.

In conclusion, there are a couple of great ways for you to make your old car look quite new. We discussed some of our favorites, and hopefully, you’ll utilize them in the near future as they can help you.