Here’s how you can get the missed Notifications back on your Android phone


For those of you who are more prone to mistakenly swiping away their notifications and then later pondering over it, now with Android you can get the history of your notifications in a click of fingers.

If you are an Android user, you the pain of losing the notifications because of mistakenly swiping away the notification due to any reason. This probably happens because you are in a hurry or you might just accidentally wipe out everything that is present in the notification drawers without really intending to do so. And then you google and search if there is any way you can get that notice back again.

But now there is nothing you should worry about. According to the latest news, there is a solution to every problem and so does this one. Just like how you can find your missed messages, emails, your app updates, and in addition to this, system messages as well. All of these can be found in the stock Notification Log option. Furthermore, there is an option of using Unnotification or an Android 8.0 + phone to retrieve back the last dismissed notifications. Both the ways are handy to get back any missed messages that you might have dismissed during an urgent work.

A much better approach is Unnotification ….

The notification log is super user unfriendly and not the same as bringing back the swiped away notification at all.

We seriously need this as a standard Android feature, an undo button.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that not all Android phones have the stock Notification Log. A representative of the tech blog ‘The Verge’ tested a shortcut on the Google Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, and Razer Phone 2. Basically, he tested all phones with stock or near-stock versions of Android.  And the Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7 didn’t have the log listed anywhere within Android’s system settings. But there is a solid solution for this as specified by Artem Russakovski from Android Police on Twitter.

For all those phones that do not have the default log, you can download the UI notification. This also gives you a better user and a more user-friendly experience. This app enables you to retrieve your mistakenly dismissed notification and also the notification history. This app is easily found on the Play Store.

This is how you can look at your notification history on stock Android

Here is the easiest guide to getting all your dismissed messages back from the storage.

Step 1: Press on Home Screen

This might be very important for one person to get their dismissed messages or not really that important for some other ones. But for those who want it, the process is really easy. All you have to do is follow this simplest set of steps to get going.

The first thing to do is to press at any spot on the home screen of your phone.

Step 2: Select widgets

The next step is to select widgets that are present at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3. Settings Shortcuts

The next step is to scroll down on the widgets list and then tap on the ‘Settings Shortcuts’ widget to continue the venture.

Step 4: Notification Log

In the Settings Shortcut widget, you will find an option by the title of ‘Notification Log’. Press on it.

Step 5: Place it on the Home Screen

Drag the Notification Log and then drop it on the Home Screen.

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Step 6: There you go!

Now when you finally place the Notification Log widget on the Home Screen, all you have to do is tap on it and scroll through all the past notifications. All your notifications are stored here. You can easily retrieve the messages from there.

This procedure works on Pixels, Razor Phones, a few more phones. To know if your phone also has this feature, check on your widget list.

This solution works wonders for stock Android users, but those phones which feature a different UI setup cannot get their notifications from this procedure. Like some of the Samsung Phones. However, for all those phones where this method will not work, there exists a useful app (fortunately) that is an alternative for this method in those phones. It allows the users to recover and manage all the notifications from the notification history.

However, many users reported many different ways to get back the missed messages.

One such user ‘Karl Bell’ shared his experience and suggested

Install Nova launcher. You can keep using Samsung’s default launcher, like myself, but it comes with a useful widget. Follow the same steps as above but instead of just finding the “Settings” widget, you want to find the Nova launcher widget, there are 2. Select “Activities” and from there it will show up a large list. You’ll then scroll down and find Settings, select it to drop down everything under settings and find Notification Log. Tested and works for myself.

Some users are cross over the fact that this android feature is not available in all android devices. An angry Android user ‘Mark G’ says

This is what I find slightly annoying with phone manufacturers, I use the excellent Samsung S7 & Tab S2 both running Android 7, the extra features and UI/usability of Samsungs Touchwiz are brilliant and one of the reasons why I continue to buy Samsung… But if Android release a certain feature then it should be available across the different devices.
I understand that there may be some features that Samsung feels don’t enhance the overall quality and its subjective as to what is considered to be useful but surely there is a better way of doing things?

By Faiza Ahsan

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