Here’s How Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Looks Like In The Leaked Images


Recently a new leak from Ice Universe has emerged, showing the 3D renders of the upcoming flagship from leading mobile phone manufacturing company, Samsung.

The Korean giant, Samsung, made the hopes hyped up for its new flagship phone, Galaxy Note 9. But the excitement and hype came to end when a leak of the same device came out. Which was nothing but a disappointment!

You might be wondering how come one of the most awaited phones and the hype attached to it went in vain? Well here’s your answer:

Apparently, this leak presented a similar look to Samsung Note 8. And this is because unfortunately. These renders also back up the previous leak as the images and the video both showcase a not much-changed design.

What can we expect from the ‘not-so-expecting’ smartphone?

One of  best android phone maker didn’t expect the ‘meh’ outcome for its users but now that we know what the leaks have done, it’s time to know where these images came from:

The source of these images is Ice Universe. Posting three new images, the leaker who previously broke the Galaxy Note 8. Scooped the first Galaxy S8 real-world photos. And dissected the Galaxy S9 showed the Galaxy Note 9 will not win fans over on its looks.

Okay so without further ado here’s a little information about what Samsung’s customers can expect from the company’s future flagship smartphone which is expected to roll out on August 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, as reported, follows the same plan as Samsung Galaxy S9 with both being a minor upgrade to their previous models in terms of appearance. For Note 9, as per the renders, the only changes are with its backside. The horizontally oriented fingerprint scanner is now changed to a vertical one. and has been positioned right below the camera setup, similar to what happened with S9.

Samsung will increase its size, provide a massive storage boost and second camera upgrade. But its headline feature is toast.

Ice Universe exposes “the real Note9” design in a side-by-side comparison. And it has taken no noticeable step forward from the Galaxy Note 8. In fact, it’s almost identical except for the aforementioned enlarged front camera.

The leaked image also shows the handset based on a screen protector reveal from the source. What it highlights is the fact that this won’t be the design that could have arrived with a far smaller bezel than the current Galaxy Note 8.

In fact, the only major physical change over the current model appears to be coming in the form of a larger front camera, which leaked previously.

How Samsung crushed the expectations people had for the future smartphone:

There have been many rumors in the past about the next Note smartphone to sport an in-screen fingerprint scanner along with triple rear camera setup. However, these new renders have put these expectations to rest as it clearly exhibits only dual cameras on the back. Moreover, the presence of the fingerprint sensor makes the previous speculation true that Note 9 wouldn’t be featuring an under-glass fingerprint scanner.

Well yeah, no luxuries for you Note lovers.

A little view from the other eye:

We know how frustrating this android blog sounds right now but just to give you a little hope and to give a little explanation to this absurd information, here’s what rumors have informed us about Samsung’s decision to go ‘less advanced’ in its flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

According to the source, Samsung could have innovated further but decided to keep production costs lower instead.

So believe it or not, Samsung’s decision to go for less advancement has a reason aside. There seems to be no notch on the smartphone and thankfully, the headphone jack remains right where it belongs.

It must be noted that this is a leaked render and has a fair possibility of being partially or even entirely inaccurate. But judging from Ice Universe’s past leaked renders. The following 360 videos of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could also be true.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.