Here’s Everything We Found Out From Leaked Image and Video Of Samsung’s New Smartphone!


On Friday, the Korean smartphone giant, Samsung, “accidentally” leaked a promo video of it’s upcoming and unannounced flagship smartphone. And this not the first ‘accident’.

What really happens when one of the most awaited flagship smartphones leaks before its official announcement? Technology blogs get their spicy content!

First Came The Leaked Image And Then More!

The Leaked Image Shows Glimpse Of Samsung’s “Most Powerful Phone Yet”:


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is and was one of the most awaited flagship smartphones from the Samsung’s Galaxy series. And now that the company itself has labeled the smartphone as their “most powerful” creation yet, the hypes will jump to another level.

You know what they say, “ before you could delete your mistake on the internet, somebody has already taken a screenshot of it,” Yeah, you guessed it right, nobody has said that it’s just my personal experience.

Well, I’m not wrong anyway, because these super amazing technology blogs have proved my words right! Here’s how :

Presumably, due to an error, an image was posted on Samsung’s official website a few days back. The image was quickly removed but Mashable somehow managed to obtain the image from a cached version of the site and now it’s surfing all over the internet. The image shows a ‘pre-order’ offer.

How To Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

After this leaked image people were confused whether the Samsung has started accepting pre-orders for its flagship smartphone or not? Well here’s an end to the ongoing debate.

While the smartphone is yet unavailable, the leaked image surely labels ‘pre-order’ offer for a reason.

Three days ago Samsung launched a page on its official website, that allows you to

“reserve the next Galaxy,” without actually naming the flagship smartphone. But it’s out Samsung, just so you know.

If you’re someone who’s been doing an intense search on the internet on ‘how to pre-order Samsung’s new phone’ then just go to their official website and then to the newly launched page and get your new phone reserved as soon as possible. Because now that the first glimpse of the phone is all over the internet, we can sense the early buyers rushing towards the newly launched page.

The newly launched page doesn’t require you to pay anything to the company. You simply have to enter your information, then select a carrier and “reserve” the device for yourself, which will then give you “early access to pre-order.” The company then guarantees you that will get the phone by August 24.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: What Is There On the Plate, Uptil Now?

Spoiler alert: It has a headphone jack!

While the company managed to remove the leaked image quickly, the presumably ‘technical error’ is doing wonders for the Galaxy lovers. The phone is only shown from the back, in the image, but there’s quite a lot that we can guess from the back.

Here’s what the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers:

  • There’s the S-Pen stylus with its slot
  • The new smartphone has USB-C connector
  • A headphone jack was spotted in the leaked image
  • A dual camera is awaiting for you as well
  • Complementing with a dual camera and flash and fingerprint sensor

But but… what about the design?

Well, there’s not much to say about the design we have seen with the help of the leaked image. The sleek metal-bodied smartphone is a lot similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Let’s not be biased, it’s not exactly the same. The mega and noticeable difference between Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 9 is… the fingerprint sensor, which is now positioned centrally, just beneath the cameras. And yeah, that’s all.

After Leaked Image, Leaked Video Is Waiting For Our Comments:

On Friday, another ‘accident’ happened, which has built another perspective, that these ‘accidents’ might be done purposely.

The Android smartphone making giant leaked the official video of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, before its official release. Soon a retailer in Russia leaked all the phone specs of the flagship smartphone.

Well now that there are no more secrets left, here’s what the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wanted to deliver on its official launch at August 9, 2018.

The rumored smartphone carries 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, dual 12-megapixel camera on the back, complementing an 8-megapixel selfie camera. The smartphone will have a 4,000mAh battery, and also, there will be a variant with 128GB of memory. There’s no information about the storage sizes until now, guess we have to wait for another leaked video.


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