Here are 5 apps to help you battle Insomnia


Anyone who has ever come across to having insomnia at some point in their life knows it pretty well how frustrating it can get. Not being able to sleep, even though you try all that you can to doze off for at a few hours so that you can wake up early and fresh the next day and kick-start your day smoothly. Getting a regular amount of sleep is a blessing not everyone is blessed with. This may be because of a number of reasons but let’s just blame our phones for a moment now. Our phones can actually be an intruder between sleep and us. Sometimes when you are actually a little bit sleepy, you will feel the urge the phone instead, and then suddenly your drowsiness goes away and you feel fresh and then there is no sign of sleeping for the next couple of hours.

However, the same phone on the flip side can have a multitude of applications for insomnia that can help your situation to a great extent.

Sleep apps available these days can help all the insomniac people in a number of ways. They perform numerous functions depending on what your needs exactly are. They help you track your sleep patterns, help you count the time period during which you doze off, help you relax down so you can feel better and fresh, and help you achieve so much more. There are a number of sleep cycle apps with a number of features to help sort your number of problems.

Here are some of the apps that we think you should definitely try out in case you are facing the same issue of sleep deprivation.

1. Sleepio

This app is the companion app that came with the app the Sleepio course. This app uses a program that is evidence-based and helps you resolve your insomnia issue. The program helps the users fall asleep faster and get more sleep that too quite deeply with no interruptions to their sleep cycle. This app can be used by the iOS users for free while the optional in-app content in it can be accessed only after it is purchased. This application is guaranteed to solve your insomnia issue.

2. Nature Sounds Relax & Sleep

3. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is also one of the best and the handiest apps when it comes to helping you fall asleep easily. This app features a number of soothing sounds that can help you sleep easily. According to their website, it helps cure the condition of insomnia with more than 100 relaxing sounds that they have. These sounds include soothing melodies, white noise, binaural beats, natural sounds, and many more sounds. In addition to this, it also features, sleeps enhancing guided meditations as well. This application is free to use in Android and iOS.

4. Pzizz

Pzizz, as the name suggests, is made to curb away from the insomnia issue in people. This application also uses different sounds to make people fall asleep easily. It helps you fall asleep quickly and then stay asleep for at least 8 hours which every adult must-have. This application is also available in Android and iOS both for free, however, to get access to their premium sounds, you need to make in-app purchases.

5. Sleep Time

This application helps you track your entire sleeping period and the sleeping cycle as well. This is a personalized sleep analysis application that features a multitude of gentle soundscapes that help you to fall asleep easily. It also wakes your app with its alarm system. In addition to this, it provides a detailed analysis of the sleeping session with other additional sleep analysis features.

According to the latest news on Insomnia, this sleep deprivation disease has become the major reason for lack of productivity in people these days. Insomnia can make one’s life very difficult because if your sleep cycle is disturbed, you can not focus on your life properly, and doing any activity can become very daunting for you. And for the insomniac people, nothing works best except one thing, that is checking on their sleep routine, the sleeping duration, and some good sounds to the ears. And for this, you have a list of apps mentioned in this article that will surely help you.  So get an application from this list and then have a happy sleeping regime.


By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.