health and fitness blogs: An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor And Diabetes Away

Apple prevents diabetes

Unlike any basic health and fitness blogs, I’m not only going to tell you about some particular exercises that assures great health and perfect lifestyle.

But today our health and  fitness blogs or you can say food and fitness blogs, will tell you mind-blowing benefits of a fruit, that you take for granted.

The greatest benefit of apple that you were unaware off:


Apple a day can literally keep a doctor away. According to a new health guideline, eating an apple a day can help prevent diabetes.


The latest health and fitness guideline was given by A team of researchers from Oxford University and the organization Diabetes UK.

They came up with these new guidelines based on evidence from more than 500 scientific studies.


There are more food products that can help reduce or prevent diabetes:


Diabetes is now become one of the most common diseases among people.

Aforementioned benefits regarding apple will definitely make a difference when applied but other foods and drinks, such as yogurt, cheese, and regular cups of tea or coffee, are also being recommended in new health guidelines designed to prevent diabetes.


Health and fitness blogs should be based on benefits of food not nutrients:


We aren’t the only one who believe that it’s pretty basic to talk about exercises and nutrients while you can pen down healthy benefits of food.


Pamela Dyson, a research dietitian at Oxford University and co-chair of the guidelines thinks the same. She says that, “We’ve made these dietary guidelines in terms of food and not nutrients… because food is what people eat, they don’t eat ‘nutrients’. And it’s a message that’s far easier to communicate with people when you’re talking about foods they actually eat.”


This is the first health guideline based on specific foods that can prevent diabetes. Before this, people were being guided through nutrients.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.