Great News – WhatsApp Introduced 5 New Features in its Latest Update

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In order to win and bond its users to the application, WhatsApp is constantly coming up with new features. The application just introduced 5 new features in its latest update.

Frequently used and most loved chat application, WhatsApp, has a bunch of dedicated team of developers. Who are busy introducing new features to the application, which lets the users remain engaged to the application.

WhatsApp New Features:

The Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp, is aware of its usage nowadays. And apart from being an application, WhatsApp has now become the most useful tool for almost every person.

So without creating any suspense, let’s introduce you to the 5 new features in WhatsApp news latest update:

1. WhatsApp will let you disown your old number, effortlessly:
You no longer have to deal with the complication faced after changing a number as WhatsApp’s latest update allows you to shift account information, groups, and settings to a brand new number without deleting the account.
This is not the only good thing about the feature. The best thing is that the feature sends a notification to all your contacts about having switched from an old number to a new one.

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source: Tech Juice

2. WhatsApp will let you transfer money through QR code:
The new feature allows WhatsApp users to transfer money easily for that they have to use QR codes and enable WhatsApp payments.
To enable the feature go to:
Settings > Payments > New Payment and then QR code

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source: Tech Juice

3. Cool stickers for your pictures!
The new update will step-up your picture game. You can add location and time to your current pictures to photos and videos sent to any individual or group chats.
Plus, The feature also lets users search for the sticker they want in the doodle view. The new stickers will appear at the top of the WhatsApp stickers menu.

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source: Tech Juice

Further two new features are for iPhone users:

WhatsApp’s new update will enhance voice note feature for iPhone users. Users can listen to voice message sent to them while using other applications.
Another good news for iPhone users is that they can now see their contacts’ status without opening the WhatsApp application. They can see status updates from the platform directly on the Today View interface located in the iOS notification centre.

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source: Tech Juice
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By Maira Feroz

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