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Latest news: by Google has been given its competitor DuckDuckGo which gave a major boost to it.

Originally was owned by Google which has given its competitor DuckDuckGo a major boost by transferring to it. Google has been head over heels in competition with the former for the past six years. Initially, when was owned by Google, upon searching you could get’s page.

However after a much talked about the new round of complaints this Friday, Google has caved in. The Google comms VP Rob Shilkin has announced in a tweet that the from now on a new landing page will appear which will give people an opportunity to go to DuckDuckGo straight from the searching or also to the Wikipedia page for ducks because that’s only fair.

What is DuckDuckGo (DDG)?

Basically, DuckDuckGo (DDG) is a search engine on the internet that highlights on protecting the privacy of the researchers. And also completely evading the filter bubble of personalized search results. The point at which DuckDuckGo differentiates from other contemporary search engine is that it does not profile. Its users and does not show the same search results to all its users for a certain search term. It emphasizes on delivering the best results as compared to other platforms that focus on providing the same results from many different sources.

The name of this company is referenced to the children’s game ‘duck duck goose’. On the 18th of September in 2014, Apply Company included it in its Safari browser as a search engine that can be used as an optional one. Then in the same year in November (10th). Mozilla also added DuckDuckGo as a search engine to the Firefox version 33.1. And then on the 30th of May in 2016, The Tor Project, Inc also made DuckDuckGo the default platform as its search engine for Tor Browser 6.0.

DuckDuckGo acquires by Google

DuckDuck is centrally all about privacy focus. According to Google has been acquired by DuckDuckGo. While responding to all the rumors that were spread for a while now, the CEO of DuckDuckGo Mr. Gabriel Weinberg announced that the new domain will be able to make it easy for the visitors of the website to use the company’s search engine. The which was previously owned by the mega-company. Google was obtained by Google after acquiring the On2 Technologies which was also previously called The Duck Corporation back in the year 2010. However, while announcing the same, Weinberg of Google did not confirm if anything was paid in return for the domain or not.

Google’s responsibility beforehand was a major dissatisfactory deal for DuckDuckGo. When it would divert clients to Google’s adversary landing page rather than DuckDuckGo. Google mercifully attempted to clear up this perplexity in July by adding a DuckDuckGo connect to the page. Visiting now diverts clients straight to the DuckDuckGo page. was only one of a great many locales claimed by Google. Which has anyplace from a few hundred to a few thousand individual spaces in its ownership. These range from normal incorrect spellings of Google, for example,,, or, to item names like and, to important unused spaces with short names like or


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