Get Ready For Volleyball Sports Action This Year In Pakistan

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The ongoing year is definitely a sports year for Pakistan. And now it’s going to be a year for Volleyball sports action year onwards.

After witnessing two sports action now it’s turning for third:

From the very start, 2018 was one sporty year. From Pakistan Super League matches to its semi-final and finale in Lahore and Karachi, respectively, the country was filled with sports enthusiasm.

And in the month of April, we heard good news from the squash court. With permission of Professional Squash Association, squash comes home as well.

Sports action: Be ready for Asian Central Zone’s men’s volleyball championship

After cricket and squash, volleyball is a widely played sports in Pakistan. And to revive the passion again in the country the Pakistan Volleyball Federation (PVF) is making efforts.

“We are also planning to hold volleyball league in October-November whereas we are also going to hold Asian Central Zone’s men’s volleyball championship somewhere in November,” said Chairman of PVF, Chaudhry Mahmood Yaqoob, in a press conference at the media center of the Pakistan Sports Complex.

Upcoming Volleyball sports action that you need to be ready for:

Upon sharing the details of upcoming Volleyball events in Pakistan and Internationally, Mr. Yaqoob told that in the last week of June, national women volleyball championship would be organized, while national junior, senior and national beach volleyball championship would also be organized. Moreover, Pakistani senior, women and junior teams will also participate in several international events.

If Government could focus on Volleyball, Pakistan can make it up to top three:

We all are aware of the hype and attention given to cricket in our country. And not only government but the people too have similar behavior.

Negligence didn’t lower their spirit and Pakistan Volleyball team is still in the fourth position internationally.

Mr. Yaqoob said, “Pakistan is number four in Asia and Pakistani players have a lot of potentials to grow.”

He further said that the Government needs to focus on other games (apart from cricket) as well.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.