Frustrating things that only introverts can relate to!


The current news has it that the 50% of the total world population are introverts. So this means that there is a very good chance that you are also an introvert or probably do not know that you are one.  But not anymore, below here, we have jotted down a rundown on some of the things that only introverts can relate to. Everywhere on internet like Facebook and other places you will find numerous articles about it. BUt we present to you something that you will definitely relate to if you are an introvert.

In case you relate to at least 3 of them, then my friend, you are as introverted as it can get. Read along and find it out for yourself!

1. You hate social gatherings


If social gatherings are not your cup of tea, then you are on! Introverts hate socializing and being surrounded by a parade of a human being talking to them or each other. Even the thought of it brings goose bumps on their skin. Do you feel the same now? No?! Okay, keep reading!

2. You are always found hibernating or hiding!


These individuals like to hide away from everyone and if it were on them, they would literally cage themselves down in a rabbit hole. They carry a social energy with them, which once drained, they switch off. They become quite and possibly try to hibernate themselves and keep away from the people around them.

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3. You love having ‘Me-Time’s 


For you having a ‘Me Time’ is what ‘charging the battery’ is for a battery run gadget. If you were given the choice to either take a nap during the day or have some time alone, you will choose the latter. You JUST LOVE SPENDING TIME ON YOUR OWN, ALL ALONE. It is like a soothing therapy for you which you need every day to keep you going.

4. A nice adventure for you is that in which you are quiet during it


When we say you like being alone and away from the people, we do not necessarily mean you do not go out for excursions. Introverts do like adventures and having fun with their friends and family but while they are at, they like staying quiet.

5. Talking to new people is difficult for you


Since you avoid people, talking to a new bunch becomes difficult with you. You are extremely hesitant in talking to them.

6. Telling people how you feel is difficult for you


Introverts are weak in communicating their heart out. They are hesitant in telling people how they feel.

7. You require a lot of time to jell in with people 


Needless to explain.

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8. You are always asked ‘is everything fine?’ when you are quiet!


As if you welcome questions, each time you like to keep it shut and dwell in your thoughts, someone will pop their head and ask you if everything is fine.

9. People around you who know you are an introvert will keep on reminding others that you don’t speak much, each time when someone asks why are you so quiet. 


Relatable much?

If you relate to at least three of the above-mentioned points, then you fall into the category of the ‘introverts’.

Is there something else that introverts go through? Feel free to share with us!

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.