Foodpanda Expands Services in Lahore


You must know about foodpanda, if you love food but if you are an introvert like me and you would rather enjoy food in the comfort of your home, where you are under no obligation to interact with people. Foodpanda is a very popular website that delivers food from your favorite restaurants at your doorsteps. All you have to do is enter your location and it will provide a list of all the best restaurants that deliver in that area. It makes it easier for you to choose and decide your meal. Foodpanda also announces different deals from time to time which help you in saving while enjoying your favorite food.

Let me be honest, foodpanda is not all rainbows and sunshine, there are many negative reviews about this site also. Most common one is that the food is delivered luke warm and very late. But if you are running a successful business everything can not be perfect, there can be human errors which do not justify your mistake but make them a little bearable. My personal experience with foodpanda has been good always.

My only problem with foodpanda is that they never pre-inform me that a restaurant will not deliver in my area. I usually receive their mail, after I have already placed my order and I am super excited about the arrival of my food. Every time I see their mail or message of cancellation my heart breaks a little.

Foodpanda In Lahore:

So the new in business news is that after successfully operating in karachi foodpanda has finally expanded its services in Lahore and launch in a new city Multan. To discuss the details foodpanda hosted a press meetup at Pearl Continental hotel on 8th-August-2018.

The attendees were from local restaurant industry and Lahore Restaurant Association (LRA) lifestyle and food bloggers, digital and media personnel and top customers of food panda.

Lahore is already very renowned for the amazing food it has to offer. This step taken by foodpanda will make sure the quick availability of delicious food in different areas.

While addressing the audience, Chief Guest and Commissioner Lahore, Dr Muahmmad Mujtaba Paracha said,

“Lahore welcomes and acknowledges foodpanda’s efforts to bring good food to where it rightfully belongs. With a swift delivery management system and high standards of customer service, foodpanda has revolutionized how the restaurant industry in Pakistan functions. We wish them all the best!”

Foodpanda celebrated its collaboration with 1200 restaurant partners. It also announces to increase the number of it’s already existing delivery riders to cope up with ever increasing number of orders. This step is taken to provide hot piping food to the consumers with ease and convenience.

It Takes Hard Work to be Successful:

Since 2012 foodpanda has been innovating technology in food business. This site has helped many local restaurant in increasing their revenue. It has also helped restaurants to increase their consumer base by making their food available in different areas.

Guest of Honor, Mr. Kamran Sheikh, representing the Lahore Restaurant Association, said,

“We applaud the effort foodpanda has put into helping the food market grow to its true potential and compete with international standards. Foodpanda has played an exemplary role in creating additional revenues for the industry and we hope to see it branch out more successful avenues for the Pakistani restaurant markets.”

Foodpanda is celebrating this important milestone by offering upto 50% off at top restaurants in Lahore and they have decorated Lahore with pink billboards and digital streamers.

While addressing the event,  Nauman Sikandar Mirza CEO foodpanda said,

“Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan with a very high number of restaurants. Our motive of expansion in Lahore is to enable foodies from all areas of Lahore to find and place orders from their favorite restaurants”.

Few Features of Foodpanda that You May Love:

  • Foodpanda is  gaining popularity everyday as it brings food from all your favorite restaurants at one place. hence your food will always be a click away.
  • It has number of restaurants and variety of different kinds of food to choose from. 
  • Once you order from them, you automatically gets subscribed to their message list. So the next time there is some amazing deal you will get informed by a message.
  • The food is delivered at the doorsteps without the hassle of going out in traffic. That’s a life saver if you live in Karachi.

Other than website, the app of foodpanda is also available on app store android.