Faisal Vawda on why he carried a gun during the Chinese Consulate attack


KARACHI: Federal Water Resources Minister Faisal Vawda explained why he carried a gun during the Chinese Consulate attack.

Just when Pakistanis thought terrorism in Pakistan has substantially decreased down, a new incident failed us all wrong. The Law and Order situation of Karachi city was disturbed. When a group of terrorists attacked the Chinese Consulate in Karachi.

However, the situation was controlled by the police and the terror attack was foiled. This took the life of 2 police officers identified as Assistant Sub Inspector Ashraf Dawood and Constable Amir and also a private security guard identified as Muhammad Juman according to police. Furthermore, the precious life of two civilians was also taken who are identified as a father and son, named Zahir Shah and Abdul Karim.

Soon after this terror attack, the UK, US, India, and many other countries sent the condolences for the lost lives and condemned the attack.

In the midst of it all, there was one thing that Pakistanis could not help leaving unnoticed. Federal Water Resources Minister of Pakistan, Faisal Vawda was seen carrying a gun when he arrived at the Chinese Consulate. This gained major criticism by people who not only criticized the Federal Minister but also mocked him brutally on social media. The critics included journalists as well. People criticized him for possessing a gun and wearing a bulletproof jacket. Moreover, some of the critics on social media even mocked him for displaying the arm. People were very cruel to the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf minister and this urged the Faisal Vawda to clear it publicly why he was carrying the gun.

About several hours later, when the police very bravely and smartly tackled the situation, killed the terrorists, and cleared the consulate, Faisal Vawda took to Twitter to clear the mystery of possessing a gun. He tweeted with a harsh response saying while pointing out to his critics that

“As a Pakistani I didn’t shy away, it’s my right to use my licensed weapon for self defence. At least I’m not a coward like many hiding behind keyboards and bull*****ing”.

he further responded to the criticism saying,

“I was informed as I was in the vicinity and I further informed the concerned agencies. As a Pakistani I didn’t shy away. It’s my right to use my licenced weapons for self-defence. At least I’m not a coward like many hiding behind keyboards,”

Faisal Vawda had arrived at the consulate right after the attack took place and informed the reporters. He had reached the site on the directives of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, himself.


A reporter even asked him if he was ready to take part in the operation as well. The Federal Water Resources Minister Faisal Vawda said that indeed he was.

“I have a Glock and a lot of other things. InshAllah this is our country and we will fight for it”. Vawda responded when he was asked about the weapon that he was carrying on the Chinese Consulate.

The attack that took place on the Chinese Consulate in the Karachi City was foiled by the brave officers of Sindh Police and Sindh Rangers which is highly commendable.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.