Facebook F8 Conference: You Can Now Find Your Partner Through FacebookDate Feature And Much More

Facebook F8
source: Digital Trends

One of the most anticipated events in the tech world, Facebook F8, just happened. And here are all the new features introduced by Facebook itself.

Facebook F8: An annual conference for the betterment of Facebook

Facebook’s F8 is an annual conference which focusses on developers and entrepreneurs. Basically, the event circles around ideas and products build by these developers and entrepreneurs that will serve the social media giant.

San Jose, California was chosen for the event.

At its first day of F8 conference recently in San Jose, California, where  Facebook introduced a variety of new features and updates. The social networking showed how desperately they want the data privacy scandals and doubts to stop.

Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg had to put on the Facebook F8 conference:

From Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to quitting of Jan Koum amid data privacy issues, the social media platform had encountered a lot of rainy days post-Cambridge Analytica Debacle.

But now the company is trying its best to revive its image in front of its users who were doubting the company all along.

Here are the new features that the CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Facebook F8 conference:

1: FaceDate — Facebook’s dating feature

Facebook has the potential to become your tinder or matrimonial site (if you’re not-a-tinder-person).

This new feature will let you make a profile that’s only visible to non-friends who have also opted into looking for love.

After finding the best match, Facebook will allow you to chat with your partner in a dedicated box. Which will be different and separated from Messenger app.

2: Oculus Go available for sale — Facebook’s virtual reality headset

Facebook’s good and cheap VR set are on sale! Oculus Go, standalone VR headset now costs $199 for the version with 32GB of internal storage and $249 for the 64GB variety.

3: Facebook’s “Clear history” and App review process

This new privacy feature allowing users to delete data Facebook has collected from sites and apps that use its ads and analytics tool.

4: A simplifying Messenger goes live

Upgraded Messenger app is coming your way, ‘very very soon’, says Mark Zuckerberg.

The new app will reduce the plethora of buttons and tabs to just three sections.

5: Instagram gets new features

Mark announced more great features for Whatsapp and Instagram. Instagram is also getting a new filter to protect users from bullying comments.

Let’s wait for these amazing features from Facebook F8 to come live.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.