Everything You Need To Know About The General Elections 2018 in Pakistan


Yesterday, 25th July 2018, was a one roller coaster ride kind-of a day for Pakistan. Roller coaster ride doesn’t make the day all fun and games but instead, it was filled with celebrations, accusations, firecrackers, bomb blasts, victory speeches, press conferences and a lot more. It’s really difficult, to sum up, the happenings of the General Elections 2018 in a nutshell, plus, I don’t really want to do that as some of our readers must be unable to catch up with all the happenings happened yesterday and today. So in this less-techy more-talky blog, I’m going to pour all the spices for today’s Pakistani blog.

Election Day: A mixture of blue and red blood

As soon as the previous government was de-thrown and the date for upcoming general elections was announced, Pakistan, especially its province Balochistan, turned to a battlefield. A battlefield where anti-democratic, terrorist non-state actors took all possible majors to create an atmosphere of terror in Pakistan, which was expected to result in the sabotage of the general elections in 2018.

Fortunately yet, unfortunately, the general election 2018 happened on its time but couldn’t happen peacefully as a major terrorist attack took place in a polling station in Easter bypass near Quetta city, where more than 30 people died that came out of their houses for the sake of a better Pakistan. Another major bomb blast happened in a small city of Balochistan, named Turbat, where three army personnel were targeted and martyred after a terrorist attack on their vehicle.

Both of the attacks soon made to the latest breaking headlines in Pakistan as somewhere we all were aware of the possible activities going to take place in the country to sabotage the General Elections 2018.

Voting Turnout: Women won by a big margin, while patriarchy was crying in the corner

Here comes my favorite and latest world news.

Apart from heart wrenching incidents in Balochistan, some major benefits and heartwarming scenes were witnessed yesterday at the polling stations. When the minority and ‘deprived-of-their-rights’ women of  Dir, Kohistan, North and South Waziristan, voted for the first time ever!

Pakistan is in a state of democracy for more than 70 years and yesterday was the third consecutive general election in the history of Pakistan, yet some women, knowingly or unknowingly never exercised their democratic right.

Female voters constitute 44.1 percent of the total eligible voters across the country, yet their participation in the previous elections was almost negligible.

Not only did the brave and independent women of this country made history by making an exceptional turnout on Wednesday, but some of them fought patriarchy and injustice by stepping out of their houses and marched towards the polling booth, for the very first time.

And not only did the women realized their duty on their own, The Elections Commision Of Pakistan made a beneficiary rule of by making it mandatory for every political party to give tickets to at least 5 pc of women. They also said that no results will be accepted if they don’t have 10 percent women polling in those constituencies.

Voting results: First came controversy then came celebration and rejection

The voting was stopped at 6PM Wednesday and final results were expected to pour in a few hours later, but things didn’t work in a way it was expected to be.

Even after 24 hours, the country wasn’t served with official election results and this gave space to all kinds of allegations, accusations, and controversies that were pointing fingers at the negligence of election commission.

Nonetheless, unofficial 28% of the results received by the media made it clear that the Imran Khan-led party, Tehreek-i-Insaf was about to make the majority at the National Assembly. And the news made it confirm that Imran Khan was soon going to be thrown at the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Victory Speech: While others were blaming, Imran Khan was addressing the nation

Imran Khan finally made to the headlines today as the Wazir-e-Azam Pakistan.

The election, claims of rigging, rejection of rigging, dharnas, and running the government, this has now become a cycle that is followed after every successful General Elections in Pakistan. To make a comment on whether there was any chance of possible rigging in the general elections, we have to wait for the cycle to be completed. But firstly and also lastly, let’s talk about the simple yet strong speech given by the party chairman Imran Khan after winning major and most of the seats from the country.

Imran Khan made his speech simple and direct by re-addressing the issues he had discussed in his political campaign, goals that he wants to achieve in his ‘Naya Pakistan’, and vision he wants to establish in the county under his authority and supervision.

In the last, all I want to say is that we as a nation, have chosen this new system for ourselves and now it’s up to us to either build or make it weak.

Remember, good things happen to those who wait, so patience, appreciation, and efforts are the factors which build a stable and strong Pakistan.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.