Elon Musk changes the name of Falcon Rocket to Starship

Elon Musk changes the name of Falcon Rocket to Starship

According to the latest technology news, the famous Falcon rocket’s name is soon to be changed. It will no longer be called falcon but Starship with upgraded features and new modifications. The big massive future rocket got its name changed when Elon Musk decided to rename the ginormous rocket falcon to Starship. He considers this machine is not an easy thing to deal with. He said he can see the future through it. The rocket was in progress for so long. And still few adjustments are being made as it is the new improvement to the future generation. Science is a never-ending knowledge that won’t stop benefiting us. Scientists are in research for adding more technology to make more upgrading features.

The CEO himself announced the news on Twitter saying he along with his transportation team decided to change the name of Falcon rocket to Starship. He announced it publicly on his social account. Where he admits changing the other booster portion will be called super heavy. The big massive future spaceship falcon rocket was a far vision of the CEO and his team. They changed the name considering their improvements to the starship which will be a big turn to SpaceX. The starship will blow the expectations away as it is being made with expertise working on it. It will set new terms free, NASA will actively stay in the move.

The expectations from this craft are very high as it is being built on a very high cost up to $5 billion and is being made on a port of Los Angeles. This big massive and entirely ginormous starship is considered to be the greatest of them all invented in the past. As the existing Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and dragon rocket. This starship is a newly created craft with the ability to carry 100 tons of cargo and 100 passengers at a time with covering a distance up to mars. I mean how amazing is that, it seems like future talks are now coming in form. SpaceX will have this launch as their biggest of them all and will be considered as their greatest achievement.

The picture above shows the Falcon rocket family from Falcon 1 to falcon heavy. The falcon spaceships were made for the exploration of new technologies. SpaceX designed these rockets as multi-use rockets. The American family of Falcon rockets was made from scratch. From falcon 1 to falcon heavy, they were upgraded, modified, and created for the technology-friendly environment. Falcon 1 was launched in September 2005 and had a huge success. It had a successful flight and was pretty successful among the news teller too.

Falcon 5 was in progress years after but it had so many flaws to deal with while the craft was in process so the company decided to shut the launch and then after facing failures and failed attempts the SpaceX decided to launch Falcon 9 in June 2010. When Falcon 9 was launched it came with huge chaos and had a big big success. It changed the facts and make the falcon family rise and bloom again.

Later after Falcon 9 a new craft was launched in 2013 known as falcon9 Air which was the upgraded version of Falcon 9. After attempting and trying various spaceships, Then came falcon heavy which was launched a few months ago in February 2018. Which made a huge success and leave a mark on SpaceX’s other crafts. It was considered better than ever. NASA is considering this starship will have the biggest and highest success record as it is completely being made out of flaws and making it future-ready for space exploration machines.

This new future starship is expected to gain success in a short period of time because falcon heavy and this starship shares the same family line and falcon heavy had a huge success benchmark set for all other coming space crafts. This craft should work or things will soon go wrong for the team and makers.

The president of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell states that the starship will be there greatest success among all crafts they have created so far. They are planning to launch it soon but they are considering trying it for testing incoming 2019. If everything goes well they will be announcing it to launch it in 2022, the spacecraft will travel to Mars.

The craft will have a private passenger on it and will travel to the moon as well in 2023 if everything goes well and according to plan. An analytical report says it all in clearance that falcon heavy took twice as a long time coming in a form and so the resources where used a lot more in falcon heavy as compare to the starship, so starship is considered as smart working spacecraft with a lot of new upgraded features and due to its prototype nature it will stay longer and that is why it is considered as the newly made smart working craft.

By Faiza Ahsan

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