Elon Musk Will Turn Automotive Industry To Autonomous Industry With Tesla’s Autonomous Ride-Sharing Vehicle Network

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source: electreck.co

If you’re still not sure about the fully autonomous cars, then Elon Musk’s vision of autonomous vehicle ride-sharing will make you want to witness the revolutionized automotive industry, really soon.

The Tesla owner has ideas that can upgrade the automotive industry in no time:

Just a few years back, the idea of having fully autonomous cars on roads was merely a fantasy. But soon Elon Musk’s-owned energy storage company introduced self-driving autopilot on the roads.

Sometimes I believe that future lies in the eyes of Elon, who is super-dedicated in creating what he says in some conference, interviews, and talks.

Once again, Elon shared the idea of autonomous vehicle ride-sharing network on Tesla’s Q1 2018 earnings call. Well, guess what? The company will be ready to launch this network by the end of next year.

From automotive industry to autonomous industry: Here’s the Tesla owner’s vision of future

Like I said, this man just generates futuristic ideas and makes sure to make it happen. While sharing details about the autonomous vehicle ride-sharing network, Elon shared a vision of the world he needs to see.

He described a world where people share their cars, offering them as either a Lyft, an Uber or something like a Lyft/Uber-Airbnb combo “where you can own your car and have 100 percent usage of your car.”

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So basically in order to take full usage of your autonomous vehicle, you can give your car to someone in the above-mentioned forms, when you’re not using it,

And in Musk’s words, “it’s available to anyone who wants to use it while you’re not using it.”

“This is the obvious thing that’s going to happen”

If compared with previous two years, the automotive industry has witnessed lots of changes but the biggest change came when these self-driving vehicles jumped on the roads. On-set of the operation, some of the self-driving vehicles faced bans when Tesla car killed a woman through its self-driving Uber and were found in a deadly car crash in California.

Nevertheless, Elon believes that Tesla’s cars are ready to go fully autonomous.

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