Electrical Cars Are Almost Here: Rahmat Group Has Signed MoUs With Chinese Companies


In our previous automotive blog, we threw the greatest automotive news for our Pakistani readers and now it’s time to give further details about that good news!

Last month we told you how the future is coming to Pakistan on four wheels all thanks to Chinese automotive companies, who are determined to launch electric cars in Pakistan. Well, guess what! These companies are, without any doubt, highly determined to launch their electric cars this year in Pakistan!

Good news from and for the automotive industry of Pakistan has been popping from the start of 2018 but with this totally-futuristic news, we know 2018 is a blessed year for us.

Rahmat Group: The name behind betterment of Pakistan’s automotive industry

Inventions have now become a necessity to function in this era. But what’s even the point of such futuristic inventions if they’ll harm our environment at the end of the day. So in order to provide humans with a sustainable environment, minds at automotive industries thought of making electric cars that will work like, you know, normal cars but won’t harm the environment at large.

Before we get on to why these electric cars are making such a hype in Pakistan, let me inform you about the real MVP here:

According to Dawn news,  Rahmat Group has signed at least 14 memorandum of understanding (MoUs) and technical collaboration agreements last month with different Chinese companies to establish Electrical Complex at Nooriabad.

The purpose behind establishing these Electrical complex is to produce assembly-cum-progressive manufacturing plants for electric/ battery operated vehicles under joint venture and technical collaboration agreements with the Chinese manufacturers.

The Electrical Complex is planning to roll out buses first:


In just a few years Pakistan has been proving itself in terms of economy and development. And being a citizen of this fastly developing state, I know how badly we are lacking at one phase, and that is good public transportation for citizens.

Most of the people in Pakistan use public buses as their mean of transportation and if we could shed some light on how these public buses are functioning, we would not be related to our above ‘developing’ statement. The worst situation of public transportation is in Sindh, and especially Karachi. The metropolitan city lacks this basic need, how sad is that?

By the way, I’m a Karachiite so don’t mind my emotional drama above.

So like I said in the heading, the auto manufacturers have decided to roll out its electric vehicles production, first in the form of buses.

And then  Eventually, the group plans to enter into electric two-wheelers. And to be honest, this is what we are waiting for deep-deep inside. Plants with two well-known companies in China would be set up at the complex.

These are the companies which have signed MOUs with :

Here are the names of these fourteen car manufacturing companies that have signed MOUs with Rahmat Group

  • Electric Power Technology Co,
  • Jiangzi Technical Vehicles Manufacturing Co Ltd,
  • Jiangsu Fuan Technologies,
  • Luoyang Xinguang Lithium Science and Technology Co Ltd,
  • Zhehang Shanxi Tianying Vehicle Industries,
  • Yangzhou Daojue New Energy Development Co Ltd,
  • Haohong Motors,
  • Weifang Shandong Electric Power Technology Co Ltd,
  • Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co Ltd,
  • Wuxi Shengbao Electric Vehicle Co Ltd, and
  • Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co Ltd.

Government is hands-in-hands with Rahmat Group to make this plan successful:

The good part of this futuristic plan is that the Government of Pakistan is making sure to benefit the environment and citizens with these beneficial electric vehicles.

China, being the torch bearer of making the environment sustainable, has a partnership with its friend countries like Pakistan, to give its motive a better and accomplishing approach.

And Pakistan isn’t lacking behind in making this initiative prosperous. As the government recently reduced taxes on electric vehicles and Rahmat Group made sure to make most of this opportunity.

Okay…But why electric cars?

Even though I’ve repeated it quite a few times now that the main motive behind the production of electric cars is to create a sustainable and safe environment for the human being living on Earth.

While other big names in the automotive industry are planning to shift to mars, Chinese electrical industry is determined to make this world a better place.

You might be thinking how this sustainability cost us Pakistanis?

Well, the answer is, ‘not a lot!’. Believe it or not these cars not only benefit your environment but are pocket-friendly as well. We’ll get to know about the actual price once they are displayed in the market.

Most of the Developing countries are moving from fossil fuel based vehicles to electric cars to tackle climate change and global warming and its high time that we should put our share of efforts in making this world a ‘breathe-able’ place, at least!

Accept the future, not only for you but for your children as well!

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.