Easy Ways to Use Automation for Your E-Commerce Business

Easy Ways to Use Automation for Your E-Commerce Business

E-commerce businesses are always in need of massive improvements. Growing your E-commerce business requires a refreshed set of effective strategies. You can search for new products in your niche, look for influencers and hire them to become your brand ambassadors and launch creative ad campaigns.

If you are taking your E-Commerce business seriously, you should always be on the lookout for new and effective strategies. But before that, you need to go for the opportunities which you already have. Implementing automation is an incredible way of boosting the efficiency of some specific facets of your business.

The Improvements You will Enjoy

Leveraging automation for your e-commerce business can bring immense improvements. Some of the major improved areas you will see when you decide to automate your E-Commerce business are:

  • Boosted traffic to your site.
  • Streamlined sales funnel.
  • Accelerated lead-nurturing process.

And you get to enjoy all of these benefits without having to do lots of work. Let’s talk about the benefits you will witness.

Automate the Emails about Abandoned Carts

All online businesses need effective email marketing strategies for lead generation as well as nurturing. You need to start sending the relevant info to your customers frequently via newsletters. This will help in maintaining brand awareness and boost traffic on your site. You can also spike your sales by sending them ongoing promotions and sales.

  • Use your Emails as effective platforms for marketing. So through this, you can easily automate workflows on the modern email marketing platforms.
  • You can schedule emails based on customer’s activities, important dates, holidays, and so on.
  • You can tell your customers about their abandoned carts and the items in them.
  • Retrieve the info about the abandoned carts from the checkout pages. There could be various reasons for abandoning shopping carts.
  • You can squeeze more sales from these customers by sending them the info of the abandoned carts.
  • Give them a chance to finalize their purchase. The customers who have left because of the internet lag, lack of funds, and other reasons, can now take advantage of it.

Automating Reviews

One thing that influences customers more than anything else is positive reviews. A user testimonial or a review from a former customer who swears by the quality of your product/service can be more persuasive than an expensive marketing campaign. Automating customer feedback via email remarketing is also a great idea.

  • You can take advantage of platforms like MailChimp to pursue this strategy.
  • These apps and platforms help in scheduling and sending automated messages after the customers have made their purchase.
  • Over time, you will have a massive collection of customer reviews. Collect them from your social media pages, review sites, and your blog’s comment section.
  • If you automate them, they will not need firsthand involvement anymore.

Automate Invoicing

Do you find requesting for your payments frustrating? It can be even more frustrating if you have to create them manually and then sending the individual invoices to your customers. The good news is that there are many accounting and payment platforms today, which allow creating invoices in no time. You can find them online and use them for automated invoices.

Automated invoicing can easily be integrated into popular E-Commerce platforms. You are just required to integrate the appropriate plugins. And they would enable automating invoices and receipts after the orders are completed.

Automate Your Inventory Management

You will agree that inventory management is perhaps the most tedious aspect of E-commerce businesses. By integrating your E-Commerce forum with efficient accounting software, you will be able to conveniently automate some important tasks. Some of them are:

  • Keeping track of all purchase orders.
  • Update the number of in-stock products.
  • Calculate your inventory’s real-time valuation.

Automating Customer Support

Gone are the days when AI was nothing more than just a buzzword. Today, AI is doing a lot for us. From voice assistants to virtual coaches, it is changing the meaning of convenience.

Using simple AI tools can help you make your own chatbots on social media forums like Facebook. These tools allow you to build conversations, which are directed by the type of clicks or users from the choices available. One effective approach would be sending your users a link to the FAQ page of your website. For instance, I was trying to figure out the details of all the packages of Contour TV. When I messaged on their Facebook page, the chatbot sent the FAQs page about the package options. And it made it easy for me to pick one.

But keep this in mind that automated interactions don’t lead to a sale always. However, they increase the chances and also ensure availability even when a real rep is not around.

Boost your sales with these amazing automation strategies. Good luck!