Driving Your Engagement Up With Automotive Marketing

Automative Marketing

The car industry is one of the older known industries that have served billions of customers worldwide. But there’s more to selling cars than just being able to talk smoothly to customers and using advertisements that will catch viewers’ attention. Since almost everything is devitalised these days. Connecting with a wider audience with the use of the internet and technology is one of the best ways of increasing your conversion rate.

It’s quite apparent to most marketers in the automotive industry that digital and online advertising is the key to success. In fact, almost all types of industries have been phasing out their traditional marketing strategies with one that will work in a more online setting. But even when the automotive industry is a multi-billion dollar business, it still faces a good number of challenges.

Migrating To A More Digital Platform

The automotive industry isn’t necessarily an industry that does get a lot of leads. Especially when most cars can cost thousands of dollars. On average, new cars that are fresh out of the factory will usually cost around $35,000. In most cases, vehicles that are sold in dealerships will usually cost around $20,000 in price.

That said, buying a car is a major event for the average individual that’s living a lower-middle-class lifestyle. Even then, the majority of the population won’t necessarily have the financial capability (unless they take car loans) in financing themselves a car. Still, it’s known that an average customer will buy around 11.5 cars in their lifetime.

What’s a great way of gaining traction in the number of foot traffic and potential customers to your business? Most experts and business owners would say that online and digital marketing will dominate much of the automotive industry in the next few years (or even decades). Thus, it’s only appropriate that we look into digital platforms if we want to attract even more customers.

But just like any other type of business, the automotive industry will need to cater to a specific type of market and target audience that’s willing to buy the next trending car business.

So what are some ways of boosting your engagement? What are some key ways of converting these engagements into leads and get them buying those fresh new set of wheels? Here’s what you can do:

Start Bidding on the Keyword’s of Competitors

The car industry is one that is filled with a multitude of different competitors. Since there are a variety of competitors that are vying for control and dominance of the market, it’s important that you give yourself an edge. Keywords are one of the most important digital marketing resources. And it’s a deciding factor on what will appear on the search engine results page.

One of the tried and tested ways of getting yourself to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is by bidding on keywords. Fortunately, there are PPC management services that can help you get to bid on the right keywords for your business. Having professionals monitor your keywords is a great way of ensuring that your keywords are optimized and that you’ll be on top of the leaderboards in no time.

Gain Their Trust With Reviews

Naturally, whether you’re buying a car, a smartphone, or a nice pair of sneakers, you want it to be reliable, durable, and up-to-par with your standards. Since cars will usually cost you a good amount of money. It’s only normal that most people would be nervous when making a decision. Most people would spend days to weeks asking around on how a car will usually perform before making any final decision.

Nowadays, it’s easier to find a professional opinion on cars with just a simple search on search engines. At the end of the day, most individuals will look for personal reviews.

It’s important to note that reviews aren’t necessarily the most effective means of marketing a car. Suppose a customer will run into mechanical problems that were caused by a particular scenario. They might leave some negative reviews on something that they don’t have any clear understanding of. Thus, it’s important to filter out some of the reviews with testimonials instead.

Get Yourself To The Top Of Search Engine Results Page

As to what we’ve discussed, most people will be using search engines. As a means of getting solutions to problems or when they’re searching for a particular product. According to a study,93% of online traffic will usually come from search engines.

What’s even more important than getting your website noticed by search engines is by getting it to the front page of search engines. Being at the top of any search engine results page can guarantee that you’ll have more engagements. In fact, a study has shown that 70% of users will click on the first link that they see.

There’s a variety of ways of gaining traction in the automotive business. You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to these strategies. The whole point of marketing is being able to stand out from the sea of other marketing firms and businesses that are trying to do the same thing. Thus, it’s best to experiment with different marketing techniques. Who knows? You might get yourself thousands of engagements by going against the flow!