Does green tea actually help in reducing weight? – Myth debunked!


Green tea has to be rightfully the healthiest beverage in the world. There is no drink that can benefit your health as much as green tea does. It’s antioxidant nature, the fact that it makes one feel refreshed and active after consuming and its most prominent health benefit AKA weight reducing nature have definitely bagged this tea a number of fans up its sleeve. And it’s due to the weight reducing nature of this beverage that it has become the most popular drink making up to 84% of all the tea consumed worldwide. And this number just keeps growing.

Due to its immense demand, the production and growing of green tea are many times higher than the black tea. But is green tea actually helping people reduce weight or is it just a myth?

Studies reveal there is a substantial hand of Green tea in elevating up the metabolic rate


According to several studies, researchers have concluded that two constituents of green tea that go by the names Flavenoid and Caffeine work as catalysts in elevating the metabolic rate and in increasing fat oxidation. Not only this but they function in improving the activities in insulin as well. It is due to this elevated functioning that weight loss becomes possible. According to a recent study people who take green tea lose about 2.9 pounds of weight in 12 weeks which is relatively a higher rate than the results by exercising.
Though it has proved to be effective in reducing health it is very important to keep in mind that drinking green tea as a beverage and taking it as supplements function differently at a different pace.

Fat burning is paced up with the consumption of green tea

One of the best performances of green tea is that it has great potential to burn the fat from the body. This works even better during exercising. A study suggests that people who green tea extracts and exercise regularly experience fat burning about 17% more than people who do consume these supplements.

Different varieties of Green Tea have different efficiency in losing the weight

Though Green Tea does help you on your venture to cut down on some fat on your belly or your arms and thighs not all of them are as likely efficient. Some of the green tea varieties are better and more efficient in reducing the weight than the rest of the others. However, the type which is the richest when it comes to possessing nutrients and antioxidants is Matcha green tea. Not only this but this variety will cut down your weight faster than the other types.

How much of green tea is Optimal for consumption?

As per our research, the consumption of green tea was found to be varying in different people as per their body functions. For some people, the minimal amount of their daily does of green work magic for them which is as little as a small cup while others may need to consume at least 3 to 4 cups to see benefits and changes from their current situation. It depends a great deal upon the daily activities of the person, their health, and their bodily functions and one must consider all these before setting up their routine for consuming green tea.

Watch out for the hidden jeopardy!


As discussed till now, green tea, the health beverage is all about glitter and benefits but it is very important to note that all that glitter over here is not gold. Green tea comes with an added hidden danger which is the ultimate enemy of all those seeking to reduce weight. The calories!
Yes, green tea does have a little number of calories in it and it does get a little problematic with over intake. Green is made of natural herbal products which naturally taste very earthy and can be unpleasant to the taste buds. To nullify the bitter-some taste of the green tea, it is served with an abundance of milk and sugar sometimes. Now comes the part which you do not want to hear. The addition of sugar and milk add a significant amount of calories to your beverage which you definitely do not want in your life and absolutely have no place for.

People need to be very careful before planning to start on their regular green tea intake routine and avoid the addition of sugar, milk, and honey to ditch the unwelcome calories.

Our final verdict!

So now that we know all that we need to know about Green Tea, I think it is safe to say that green tea actually possesses the capacity to make you lose your fats and get that perfect toned body you always desired. While keeping in mind the amount of the green tea you take daily and maintaining a good healthy diet is important, it is also essentially important to not over or under brew your green beverage.

While you are at it, brew that perfect cup of green tea and happy losing weight!

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.