Diwali 2018: A festival of love, light and prayers!


Today’s top news in Pakistan and all across the country with a large parade of Hindus in its population is ‘Diwali’ or ‘Dipawali’.

Dewali is a festival, very important to Hindus, and is very much like Eid for them. This festival is commonly known among us as we will in a mixed cultural society where we can find people with different religions too.

Diwali is celebrated for five days and in Pakistan, and Diwali 2018 will start from tomorrow 7th Nov, and will continue for five days. Well, the Hindu community celebrate Diwali for a cause, they believe that after the night of ‘Amavasya’, which is basically the night when the moon doesn’t rise and there is darkness everywhere so the light their houses, every corner of it, to lighten it as a day which brings light in their life too and that’s what they believe that it will fall over darkness and will bring light and hope in their lives too.

They decorate their houses with candles and lights, they dress up nicely and make wonderful delights. They even give presents to each other which brings them closer to one another.

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In Pakistan, the HINDU MUSLIM council arranges an occasion for them so they can come and enjoy their home festival. Many other councils or people organize parties for them. People out of Pakistan assume that being in here people can’t freely celebrate their festival but if we see in real, in Pakistan people of every community are allowed to celebrate their festival freely.

It was asked to the Hindu community living here in Pakistan that how you celebrate your festival in Pakistan and they responded very calmly and humbly that they had been living in Pakistan since Pakistan and India got separated so it’s their homeland too. They said their religion is a religion of peace which promotes prosperity among others so how can they be such cruel-hearted towards other cultures. Hindu Community said we have no harsh heartedness towards the people here also, we feel and raise our hands in terms of peace.

They further discussed that Diwali brings happiness to their lives as they eagerly do all the preparations in advance and make rangoli which is basically an art of dry color powders. It looks beautiful at the entrance of the house or on the floor of the house. People start making all yummy sweets and dishes a day before because they know the guest will load up their house the next day so it’s important to do preparations a day before. They go to their temples where they pray altogether along with their family and friends. They decorate the premises of their house with the help of small LED lights and candles.

Diwali is considered the festival of brightness that comes and falls over the days of darkness to shed over them and can bring happiness and light in everyone’s life.

People of our country are very welcoming they not only let others celebrate their culture but also celebrate their culture along with them, being friendly and supportive tendency allows them to help others also. The Hindu community here celebrate their day with the same encouragement, entertainment, and effectiveness. They have mini-programs at their place too.

They have a concept that in darkness, evil powers will rise and that won’t be good for them as they’ll vanish their true happiness so their GOD guided them and finished that devil. In terms of that, their GOD asked them to celebrate joy by spreading light and happiness everywhere and after this, they named their festival like Diwali or Deepawali, whereas deep means light.

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Their strong belief and true feelings for this occasion make them pumped every day till Diwali ends. They send gifts to their loved ones or close people and pray to their God, ask for his forgiveness, and him to shower his blessing on them for their future.

Muslims are not against any of their festival or them. They are as delighted as the Hindu community is. Though it’s not considered as a public holiday that won’t make any difference for them to celebrate their occasion. It’s more like they welcome it every year with the same joy and happiness.

The moral behind this festival is very admiring as it says that this day will shed darkness, bring positive energy among them. This day indicates the victory of good over evil powers that can ruin a happy life. Islam is the religion of peace and if it comes to sharing peace and prosperity we are not the enemy so we won’t be an obstacle for them.

In a mixed culture society, kids grew up together where they can’t just according to their beliefs, what they actually fall for is the true-heartedness and if people consider that citizens of Pakistan are not from those who let other communities face trouble so it’s not true. We live here as a family where we understand each other and I must say the people of their culture and communities celebrate our festival as we celebrate their festivals.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.