Dalfa Cattle Expo | Livestock Expo 2021

Dalfa Cattle show

Dalfa Cattle Expo

Yesterday in Karachi, people witnessed the first Cattle show in the past 5 years. This year it was called the Dalfa Cattle Show. I visited the Karachi Expo center to enjoy the expo, and today I will be sharing with you my own experience. What I witnessed at the expo was a complete success. People loved the expo, and it was very entertaining.

The Dalfa Cattle Show was not only an expo for cattle farmers, but it was a great event for many pet lovers also. It was an excellent show for all people who love animals of any kind for bird lovers, reptile lovers, dog lovers, fish lovers, or even exotic pet lovers.

Cattle Expo section

Dalfa Cattle show largest bull

The livestock expo 2021 housed some very, very impressive and heavy cattle. There were many species and many different cows, goats, sheep, horses, and camels. The most prominent were the Bulls and Goats. The most recognizable cattle farm brands were Fibbi Cattle, Surti Cattle, S.M Cattle, Sadaat Cattle, and many others.

Dalfa Cattle show bull 4 Dalfa cattle show bull 3
Dalfa cattle show bull 2 Dalfa cattle show bull 1

Many of their Lovely Cattle were sold on the spot at their best price for the buyer and seller. It was pretty economical for both parties because the caretaker of those cattle now won’t have to bring those heavy cattle from their farms in the rural areas into the city during the Market before Eid-ul-Azha, and the buyer probably saved a good amount of money as well.

Dalfa Cattle show Goat

Besides the Bulls and Cows in this section, there were pretty heavy goats and sheep, horses, dancing camels, and even male and female ostriches. The Dancing Camels put up an excellent show, and the ostriches were pretty majestic too. They all were lovely to see, and it was great to be there.

Dalfa Cattle Show Camel Dalfa Cattle show sheep
dalfa cattle farm long horn goatDalfa cattle farm short goats Dalfa Catle show female ostrichDalfa Cattle show male ostrich

Aquatic and Marine section

dalfa cattle show fish section

Honestly, in this section, the focus was more on technology and less on animals. But even then, there were some pretty exciting animals. There were pelicans, giant Koi goldfish, and many other natively bread fish. There were also some species of ducks and also some other aquatic beards.

dalfa cattle show koi fish Dalfa Cattle Show Knife fish
dalfa cattle show ducks dalfa cattle show pelicans

As I said, the main focus in this section was on technology, so they had a lot of various ways to increase the size, meat production, and rate of breeding for the fish. The news was inspiring and knowledgeable that people are working to improve the agricultural sector of Pakistan.

The Exotic Pet section

dalfa cattle show alpaca

The exotic pet section was my favorite, and I loved this section the most. Birds, reptiles, dogs, many species of parrots, chickens, and pigeons, a lion cub, and an alpaca as well, so much variety. In this section, there were photo sessions as well. The people were paying 100 PKR per picture with reptiles and birds, which was a pretty excellent business idea. 

dalfa cattle show exotic dog dalfa cattle show lion cub
Dalfa Cattle show tortoise Dalfa Cattle Show Crocodile

People were having a pretty awesome time with these animals. I can even name many different parrots like the Makao, Latino, Sun conure, etc. So many different breeds of chicken and many other things to enjoy. A pair of crocodiles and a pair of giant tortoises were also in this section.

Dalfa Cattle show Pigeons Dalfa Cattle Show Hunting Eagle
Dalfa Cattle show Chickens Dalfa Cattle show Parrots

Expo HighLights

Dalfa Cattle Show Fireworks

This year’s Dalfa Cattle show was a pretty fantastic success due to the versatility and showcase of the animals. There was also a live concert by a local band, impressive fireworks, and a live Qawwali concert at the end. There was also a small carnival for kids and an excellent food hall with many streets and fast food stands entirely sponsored by Food Panda.

The best highlight of the Dalfa Cattle expo was the Catwalk of all the Huge cattle. But this was also the most dangerous. Many caretakers got hurt when some of the cattle got scared from the crowd and got out of control. One particular Bull lost it and broke free from the guy holding its rope and went straight into the bystanders, knocking down many people and running even further. There was also an incident where a horse completely backflipped and almost crushed its rider. Thankfully nobody got seriously hurt, and the expo continued smoothly.

Dalfa Cattle Show Crazy Horse Dalfa Cattle show Crazy Bull

Purpose of the Expo

The livestock expo 2021 was held to increase the industry of live agriculture and live farming in Pakistan. There were some more agendas in the expo, like promoting pure milk and stopping uncertified sellers from selling fake and water-mixed milk. Also, increase the production and consumption of desi livestock.

The expo was very entertaining and successful for both the industries and the general public. The expo was an excellent way to promote our local initiatives and help people earn an honest living through an industry that is always needed. Pakistan can benefit from even like this, and whateverison.com will cover every event we can. Thank you a lot for reading. We hope you enjoyed this article.

By Faizan Elahi Qureshi

Student of Digital Marketing.