Corporate Video Production Brief: A Step by Step Guide

Corporate Video Production Brief: A Step by Step Guide

A video production company consists of a team of trained, creative professionals whose job is to produce a video that lives up to your expectations and brings you a tangible return on investment. But the success of any video highly depends on how thorough, researched, and clear the brief is.

It is imperative to do your homework, look up things like what is 2D animation, and what style of animation will better connect with your audience. The more you know about what you want the video to look like and what works in your market, the better the outcome.

Let’s look at the step-by-step guide to build a corporate video brief.

Chart Out The Firm’s Identity:


The first thing your video brief should address when you are in contact with the corporate video production company is the introduction to your company. Yes, the production studio will conduct their own research as well. But it is essential to address, who you are, what products or services you offer, the market you operate and cater to, and the values that make your organization unique.

For a successful business relationship, your video production company must have a clear idea of who they are collaborating with.

Demarcate Goals:

Just like any marketing material, if you jump into a task, particularly when creating content for customers, without a specific direction, it is almost like getting no return on your investment. Hence, it is absolutely necessary that you include a proper and clear objective into the brief.

If you have decided to create video content, it is most likely that you identified a problem and then decided to create marketing content to address it and help audiences recognized your brand as they solve. Some other objectives could be to create awareness about a new product, services, or any promotional offer.

A lot of times, video creation is part of a more long-term marketing campaign, with its own strategy, type of messaging, goals, and objectives. How well you communicate the aim of the project to your video production company, will shape the outcome and how impactful it is. This is why you cannot miss out on this significant element of your corporate video production brief.

Segment Your Target Audience and Demographics:

The next absolute vital thing to mention in your brief is to define who your target audience is. You need to be sure who you are making this corporate video for. Most videos that are part of a marketing campaign are designed for audiences. Whereas some corporate videos are primarily created for employees and other stakeholders, like clients, suppliers, and partners.

Being clear about who they are making the video for, your video production company can make more targeted decisions about the animation style, the colors, characters, storyboard, sound effects, and so on. The look and feel of a video can be changed entirely just to cater to a different audience of viewers.

Moreover, the more efforts you put in to understand what sort of video your viewers want to watch, the better the outcome.

Settle On The Video Type Along with Specifics:

When going into the discussion of your corporate video, it is always a good idea to have a concrete plan. You should be well aware of what type of video you want, if there should be any specific characters, and would you like a particular flow of the story.

The video production brief is the perfect time to voice any specifications you have for your video, and it can be as trivial as the font of text or as substantial as using specific characters. The more the video studio knows about how you are picturing the video, the more accurate the result will be to your needs.

Identify Platforms & Target Avenues:

Most of the time, the destination of the video changes a lot of its particulars. For example, the videos that perform well on social media are shorter in length, entertaining, and include more every day, relatable content to achieve most likes, shares, and comments on the post. Whereas videos shared on YouTube are often longer, and the content is customized to go the style of videos, the subscribers are used to watching on the channel.

This is why you should include where you plan to share the video. It could go on your website, blog post, and social media platforms, and so on.

Cover The Details Like Deadlines and Budget:

When creating a corporate video brief, you have to address essential factors like the deadline for when you need the video. Make sure you leave some time for feedback and the editing process. As video production is a creative process, and it is reasonable to have a difference of point of view.

Moreover, with increasing demand for video content on digital channels, you can find a number of video production companies providing a variety of video animation and production services spread through a range of budgetary limits.

Everything Else:

As we talked about it earlier, video production is a creative process, and everyone can have an image and view of how a particular story or message should be communicated. Hence, give you are working your corporate video production brief, don’t hold back. If you are uncertain about anything or if you are looking for something specific, make sure to mention it as well. Besides, you are collaborating with professional and creative people. Typically video production and marketing people are friendly, and they really care about making you happy with the video they make for you.

Another way to approach this is that you can ask the studio to present two different ways they can make this video. When you have a couple of options right in front of you, it becomes much easier to understand what it is you are looking for and make a decision.

Summing Things Up:

How well your video turns up or how accurate it is according to your requirements directly impacts how the effectiveness of your video production brief. The more details you provide about what exactly you are looking for or what you plan to achieve with the video, who is the target audience, and so on, the better the final result. Hence, make sure to take some time out, do your research, and go in with a clear idea about your corporate video.

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