Coke Studio Explorer introduces us with beautiful ‘Throat singing’ by Balochi singers


Since Coke Studio was created by music maker Royal Hyatt back in 2008, our ears have been blessed with a multitude of good music. From Pop and Rock music to Folk music, we have a plethora of good songs and amazing music creation in stock, thanks to the creation of Coke Studio. It began as a television series and International music franchise that brought live soul-wrenching studio live performances by already existing established musicians and also emerging artists. Back since 2008, when the first Coke Studio episode was aired, it gained massive mainstream media attraction as well as immense appreciation from the general public. Coke Studi is a mystically beautiful blend of traditional, folk, classical, Qawwali, Sufi, Bhangra and Ghazal music as well as Hip-hop and rock and rock music. If Pakistan has one solid platform which has good music of all types then that definitely have to Coke Studio, hands down.

Since its creation, there have been total 10 years of good music that Pakistanis have been enjoying. In these 1o years of Coke Studio, there were total 10 seasons with 57 episodes. With every passing year, there came a number of hit sings by Coke Studio that brought songs which have the ability to make anyone fall into a pensive mood and in case of dance songs, people cannot hold on their urges to dance till they can while listening to those songs. Coke studio did so good that even though it came after Coke Studio India, but when it comes to success, Coke Studio Pakistan beat the record very brutally.


Pakistan is clearly doing brilliant in the Coke Studio battle and we are not saying it just because of the amazing hit songs but the fact that so many emerging talents who debuted on Coke Studio, have become stars is absolutely unavoidable.

For all those people who are not in sync with the real Pakistani folk music, this is the absolute platform. This brilliance in the music in Pakistan essentially boils down to the genius of Rohail Hyatt who came up with this great win of an idea to produce Coke Studio. Though, now he has left as a product to Coke Studio. The best thing about Coke Studio Pakistan is that it an amazing amalgamation of different types of music and musicians of varying type all rolled into one platform. From Qawwals to great collabs like Abida Parveen and Rahat’s Chaap Tilak, Balochi Folk music (soulful) and fusions like Arif Lohar and the rock chick Meesha Shafi, Coke Studio Pakistan has tried them all and subsequently succeeded as well. With the producers having a firm belief and a solid faith in Pakistan’s folk music and the emerging talent, all these trials became big hits over time.

When in comes to trying out new things in music, Coke Studio has never stayed back. Due to its immense creation of fusion in music, it has been labeled as one of the best things to have ever happened to Pakistan in the past decade. In terms of music, it has offered so much to the country that the image of Pakistan has gained positive effects due to it. Coke Studio Pakistan has its fans spread in more than 150 countries where it is heard and loved to a great extinct. It has gained us so many things that you can not discuss Coke Studio with an Indian friend without feeling proud of it. It is not only a giant Internationally acclaimed music platform, a number of great songs, so many new genres of music (fusion) for our entertainment industry and moreover, a great big opportunity to bring out the hidden talent in music and the underground musicians in limelight. It has legit built a whole heritage for us in past 10 years.
The current news in the world of Pakistani music is that Coke Studio is now on a roll to mine through all four provinces and bring forward amazing talent through its platform.  As if we were not enough impressed of its creativity and production, Coke Studio in the latest video has introduced us to the amazingly talented throat singers of Balochistan. In the latest episode, the studio took depths of Balochistan to bring into limelight the unknown talent of ‘Nur Sur’ through its song ‘Naseebaya’.
‘Nur Sur’ is basically a singing style in which the singer involves in throat singing. This talent existed in many other places in Pakistan as well but it lost in the recent years.  The track produced by the singers from Balochistan ‘Naseebya’ is a Balochi riff harmonized with modern electronic sounds that bring a beautiful mix of the art of ‘Nur Sur’ and the urban electronica. This track has been sung by Mangal, Darehan, and Shayan while it has been produced by Zohaib Kazi and Ali Hamza.
Coke Studio is extremely good in producing quality even if it means traveling around the country to do so. Before this, Coke Studio launched ‘Pareek’ which featured two female singers (Ariana and Amrina) from Kalash Valley, Chitral. This was followed by a Sindhi folklore ‘Faqeera’ in Shamu Bai and Vishnu’s voice.

By Faiza Ahsan

A student working to achieve the aim to make a name in the world of digital marketing.