China Is Sending Electric Cars In Pakistan

JAC motors
source: Business Today

If you haven’t guessed it until now, then allow me to begin this automotive blog by stating the obvious:

“Electric cars are the future of the automotive industry”.

Yes, they are! And while we believe that Pakistan’s automotive industry is in its phase of development, the Chinese automakers are determined to bring the future on wheels in Pakistan.


It’s not the first time that foreign automakers have shown interest in developing Pakistan’s automotive industry. Just a few months back the Deputy Manager General of Engineering Development Board (EDB) of Pakistan, Mr. Asim Ayaz had shared the news about how international car manufacturing companies had announced to set up their manufacturing plants in the country.

And in the same month, we told you about China’s economical yet better hatchback car, United Bravo’s appearance in Pakistan.

So now we know its a year of good news in Pakistan and that too coming straight from the automotive world.

JAC Motor are soon sending their electric cars to Pakistan:


Pakistan and China have displayed their affection and friendship quite often through their economical trades. But now the love is traveling on four wheels, which is nothing but a beginning of a new partnership and step towards future for the developing country like Pakistan.

Talking to Associated Press of Pakistan, the Chinese state-owned automobile company, JAC Motors, told their efforts to bring electric cars in Pakistan.

David Zhang,  the Deputy Chief Economic Manager of JAC motors confirmed the news about the company’s plan.

So now we know there’s no space for rumors or fake news labels.

Pakistan’s economy is attracting international companies towards itself:

This not what we claim but latest statistics prove how amazingly Pakistan’s economy is climbing towards betterment and this has encouraged the Chinese auto manufacturers to step their foot in Pakistan’s automotive industry.

The key element towards the foreign countries’ keen interest towards Pakistan’s economy is the updated Auto Policy.

While expressing his confidence and determination in the current state of Pakisntan’s economy, David Zhang,  the Deputy Chief Economic Manager of JAC motors said that:

“We are planning to introduce new energy vehicles particularly electric cars in the Pakistani market under a long-term development programme in the future. With more improvement in the economy and fundamental structure ready, we will have an opportunity to take our electric car into Pakistani market. The performance of our products in the local market has been very good and we will expand our lines of production from medium to heavy-duty trucks in near future.”

JAC Motors is ready to introduce their affordable electric cars as a replacement for the people of Pakistan:


If you are oblivious to the current situation of electric cars then let me let you that golden days for electric cars buyers have started since there was a huge price cut in electric cars.

And this situation has encouraged the automobile production company’s to spread their electric wings in different nations.

And like any other opportunity grabber, the Chinese owned automotive company, JAC Motors, thought of being the ultimate replacement for the people of Pakistan. As electric motors are the inexpensive alternative for us.

JAC Motors wants to take advantage of this market gap and introduce the first ever electric cars in the country.

CPEC has lead China to explore its friendship towards Pakistan:

Like we all know, CPEC is a mega-scale economic project that was launched between Pakistan and China two years ago. The corridor which will cross through Pakistan will work on developing the Pakistani infrastructure.

Apart from being a corridor that is in-construction, CPEC has started functioning as a virtual corridor for both the countries.

The automobile company has already set up a factory to locally manufacture trucks and is also exporting products such as light and mini trucks to Pakistan. Pak-China friendship has given the company, an opportunity to work together with the government of Pakistan and bring investment to the country under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Here’s why we believe that electric car in Pakistan is a blessing in disguise:

Like we said above, future of the automotive industry is electric cars but the real question is how this new development will show its effect on a country where mega-development isn’t appreciated or even digested at the beginning.

The answer is affordability, yes the affordability of these electric cars is what will make them eye-candy for the people of Pakistan.

And apart from being easy on the pocket, these cars are environment-friendly as well.

And who needs a better environment than us? Don’t you see these frequent heat waves and all happening in Pakistan?

So I believe that Governments should incentivize the electric vehicle sector so that more companies get encouraged to move towards environment protection and low-cost machinery. Overseas, hybrid or electric vehicles get tax incentives from the government.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.