Challenges Faced by Food Delivery Services in Pakistan

Food delivery

The issues facing the food industry are no longer easy in the world of online food delivery and e-restaurants and demand extra efforts to stay ahead of the competition. The world is rapidly evolving. Industries are also modifying in line with customer demands to cope with the changes. Everyone around you looks for things that are cost-effective, quicker and easier to access. People have changed their preference from traditional dining to new food delivery services on demand.

The online presence of a huge variety of restaurants and the online payment choice in a single click made things easier. That being said, there are a lot of challenges to this food ordering and delivery industry. While there will always be a market for doorstep food delivery if the existing issues are not resolved. The food delivery industry, as well as food delivery services in Pakistan, would be impacted.

Here is a list of challenges that are faced by food delivery services in Pakistan and some basic solutions to overcome these challenges.

Competitor Captures Your Customers

With more delivery service providers attempting to come up in the market, loyal customers end up losing interest in various other service providers offering better services. It’s a big challenge to hold the same customer for a long time.

Limited Orders to Remote Locations

From a remote location to foresee, whether or not the number of orders will increase, the owners are facing a major logistical problem. Knowing the exact location far from the restaurant as well as preserving the perfect food quality. At times there are also issues with a shortage of drivers along with the inability to assign the resources to certain areas.

Absence of Tracker System

It is very essential to keep the live monitoring of the foods that are set out for delivery. If the orders take too much time to be delivered, customers get really enraged and, in the future, they will not trust your business to order.

Quality of Food

Delivering low-quality food is the tipping point in the food delivery sector in Pakistan. Moreover, poor packaging of food, spillage of food, damaged package also taking place. Both the delivery agents and the restaurant are responsible for this problem. So, take measures. Or be ready to get negative reviews.

Remote Area Deliveries

It is the age where people in remote areas, also have access to smartphones and internet connections. So, they also make use of food apps to get food delivered on their doorstep. Trying to make distribution arrangements and collaborate with remote or outer food restaurants to deliver food. The staff must be professionally trained to handle food packages. Also, it is important to provide proper bags to deliver food safely.


To address these concerns, Food delivery business owners need to pursue advanced practices and go digital to track orders, work on improving their logistics, track consumer preferences and identify market opportunities. To get to the top in the food delivery services in Pakistan, such issues should immediately be resolved.