Careem Is Going To Use Whatsapp To Collect Complaints Of The ride-hailing Application’s Customers

Careem Whatsapp
source: POPSUGAR Middle East

The ride-hailing applications in Pakistan are well aware of their current significance in the citizens’ life. And in order to ensure their increasing demand, these companies are taking help of technology.

Careem, the famous ride-hailing application will use Whatsapp for a better cause:

The Dubai-based company, Careem, had managed to step its foot strongly in the Pakistani society. They not only provide affordable transport services but is also a platform that has given unlimited job opportunities to the people of Pakistan.

In order to gain more appreciation and love from its customers, Careem is soon going to connect with its customers through Whatsapp.

We all know how new Whatsapp features, that are coming in day by day, have made the application easiest to use. Therefore, big companies like Careem wants to use this platform to enable quick connection with its customers.


Here’s the ride-hailing application will use Whatsapp features:

Careem has revealed a pilot integration with WhatsApp that will allow customers to message Careem customer service in a quick and secure way through WhatsApp.
This feature will allow customers to use their WhatsApp accounts to message Careem customer service for a two-way dialogue making Careem the first regional player in the transportation sector to participate in the WhatsApp enterprise solution test phase.

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Careem’s SVP of Operations, Sandeep Shetty said;
The test is in line with Careem’s efforts in bringing the latest technologies and tools to deliver great customer experience. By allowing customers to connect with us via WhatsApp we will be able to deliver this promise and at the same time fit in with the ways more and more customers prefer to connect with companies and friends in today’s world. We are excited to be a part of this pilot and we look forward to rolling it out to our customers and hearing their feedback.

We believe that Careem’s this effort can alert the other ride-hailing applications in Pakistan. As better interaction with customers wins over everything.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.