Careem data hacked: Here’s All You Need To Know About The Massive Cyber-Security Breach!

Careem data hacked

Another massive data breach is flooding up our newsfeed and this time it’s not on any social media site.

‘Careem data hacked,’ bits like these might be travelling on your newsfeed. And sadly it’s not click-bait. The Dubai-based ride-hailing service, Careem, suffered a massive cyber-security breach and the hackers might have your valuable data.

Careem data hacked: Company had warned about the attack before

Some of the Careem’s customers might have found this news utterly shocking, but the company had warned its customers at the start of this year.

The company was aware of the cyber-security attack back on January 14th. The company claims that it waited until now to announce the incident because it “wanted to make sure we had the most accurate information before notifying people.”

So, apparently, the Careem users’ data was compromised due to the low cyber-security system back on 14th January but was disclosed on Monday.

Data of 14 million Careem riders were compromised in the incident of Careem data hacked:

The ride-hailing service on Monday publicised the details about the massive cyber-security breach. The breaching involves illegal access to 14 million Careem users’ and 558,000 Careem Captains data.

Like I said, the cyber attack on the company happened on 14th January, therefore, users who had signed up after 14th January, their data is saved, as per details released by the company.

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Is your personal password and credit card numbers safe from the Careem data hacked?

Like all other Careem users’ I too had received a detailed email from the company, asking me to check my bank account details and passwords and all other information that might have a link with the Careem application.

Well, the company had also mentioned that this important and personal information were unharmed in the Careem data hacked debacle, but it’s their duty to inform you to avoid any big loss.

However, “there is no evidence that your password or credit card number have been compromised,” Careem assured its users in the email “Customers’ credit card information is kept on an external third-party PCP-compliant server,” Careem claimed.

While the company is assuring you, we urge you to recheck your personal data like credit card activity or Careem app password that you use on other social media accounts. One should take all possible measures in this kind of situation.

By Maira Feroz

A journalism student who's studying the native form of journalism but is performing it in the digital way.